Norwegian entertainer and previous Mr Gay Norway title-holder Kai Thomas Ryen Larsen and Japanese pop artist Baby B are going to perform together as the opening act during the Grand Final of Mr Gay Europe 2012 in Gay Village, Rome, Italy, Saturday 11th August.

When in South Africa during Mr Gay World 2012 the President of Mr Gay Europe Tore Aasheim was at an after-party with among others Japanese pop artist Baby M. Sometime during the evening Baby M was humming on a tune which Aasheim thought he recognized.

Asking Baby M, he got confirmed that she was definitely singing parts of the song “Be Proud”. She asked if Aasheim knew the song because it was a very popular song in the gay communities in South East Asia.

With a smile on his lips Aasheim told Baby M that it was actually the official Mr Gay Europe 2009 song, written especially for the artist and previous Mr Gay Norway title-holder Kai Thomas. He also confirmed that “yes” he knew the artist and “yes” he had indeed the artist’s contact information. The rest is, as they say, history.

From an after-party in Johannesburg the road is short to the opening act of the Grand Finale of Mr Gay Europe 2012. Yes, Baby M and Kai Thomas are going to be on stage together and for the first time, Europe will hear the Norwegian and the Japanese artists encourage the world to “Be Proud”.

“We always encourage previous delegates to stay in touch and keep us updated on what is going on in their lives. It is especially gratifying to see that they want to stay on and voluntarily work for the organization, says Aasheim.

The event will be broadcasted on live feed on the internet for anyone around the world to watch.

You can already now download the original “Be Proud” on iTunes.

At the top of the page you can see one of Baby M’s new videos, and below you can have a look at Kai Thomas taking part in the Norwegian TV-talentshow “Grease 2008, Jakten på Sandy og Danny” on TVNorge.