The man behind the Mr Gay Europe crown is the Norway based artist Dag von der Lippe who is also a designer of haute couture.

Dag von der Lippe is a graduate of La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and has for over 30 years created fabulous fashion design for celebrities and theatre and film.

After graduation as a very promising rising fashion designer he was asked to work for the fashion house of Jean Patou, but the timing was wrong for the then young Norwegian who instead headed back to Oslo where he hails from and started designing fashions there instead. He has also worked as a make up artist for Helena Rubinstein for years.

Dag von der Lippe tells that he was very flattered to once again be asked to design the Mr Gay Europe crown, and tells us that every crown he makes is unique, there are no two crown completely the same and he also makes sure they’re not “all straight”.

“A crown for Mr. Gay Europe should be slightly ‘bent’, don’t you think”, he asks the photographer with a smile.

Finally he hopes that next year we will once again see France in the competition, a country he still calls his second home.