A lot of you are asking us the same questions, so we’ve answered most of them here. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please let us know by using our contact form.

When and where will the next Mr Gay Europe take place?

The Mr Gay Europe competition takes place in late July or August. The host city is announced no later than ten weeks ahead of the competition.

Why can’t my boyfriend stay in my room?

The whole idea of the competition is for you to meet new friends, to build a network and to grow. If you need a boyfriend to hold your hand even for only a few days, then our experience is that you are not the right man for the job. We love independent and self-confident boyfriends, not so much jealous guys who tag along and make trouble.

Why was there not a Mr Gay Europe competition in 2015?

We did not like the direction in which the competition was heading, and we have been doing some house cleaning and serious thinking. We wanted to get things right.

I have been living in Germany for many years, I work here and my life is here, but I have a passport from Turkey. Why can I not represent Germany?

If you take part in a National competition in Germany with an authorized Mr Gay Europe producer and he is ok with you having a Turkish passport, then that is totally ok with us. However, if you register online only and qualify directly from the online vote, you can only represent the country from which you have a passport.

I am a transgender WTM, can I take part in Mr Gay Europe?

As long as you see yourself as a gay man, you are welcome to take part.

I am a straight man who likes to hang around with my gay friends. Can I compete and be a spokesperson for gay men in Europe?

This was a tough one. Although we love our straight friends and supporters, you need to consider yourself a gay man to take part. Maybe you have a gay friend who would fit the job instead of you?

Who owns the rights to Mr Gay Europe?

The brand is administrated by Move On Productions, a Norwegian registered company.

I am/have been an actor in adult movies. Can I take part in the competition?

Are you currently working in the adult movie industry? Then answer is no. If you are no longer apart of the adult movie industry, please contact us and give us more information. Both you and we need to find out if your previous work makes you a good role model for young, gay men.

I just turned 54, I am too old for the competition?

No. We look for men who are young at heart, and experience is a good thing to have. You need to be at least 18 years old to take part, but we don’t have an upper age limit.

Why do you demand that people should be able to speak and understand English, Europe has a lot of other languages?

Whether we like it or not, English is the most common language in Europe, and since there are so many different cultures meeting, we need to understand each other.

I have a hearing disability; can I take part in the competition?

Yes. We have had several delegates in the past with hearing disabilities who have done very well in the competition.