Czech Republic

Mr Gay Europe 2023

Why do you want to take part in MGE23

I want to prove even a man who crossed the milestone of 50 has a lot to give to the society. There is the experience and respect which you learn in the course of the life running. I want to attract the attantion to the problems of LGBTQAI+ community especially in the european countries where there are problems. I would like to give my hand to help with the solution of these problems. It needs permanent action because improvement is possible in many many years on. My motto is: Give the world around you respect and feelings and you can change much more than by the use of raw power.

What is the biggest LGBT challenge in Europe today

The biggest challenge does not matter if for our community or the society overall is the fact, we live in the time of disinformation, in the time where people do not fear to be rude in social media to everything and everybody who is different. We can see some political parties and the way they talk about our community and can think of what would happen if they had the political majority in Europe. It is not such a long time ago when people died in concentration camps because of nationality and sexual orientation even in Europe. We must not allow the disinformation nets to influence our minds. We active LGBTQAI+ people have to watch the situation closely and influence it in the most positive way.

Your profession / study

I am educated Master in Diplomacy and Political Sciences. I work in international space at a corporate company and cover some projects for our country. Thanks to my job, I can travel to other countries as well and learn a lot. I am studying MBA Project Management programe because does not matter, how old you are, you must improve and develop all the time. I will pass my final exam in a few months.

Your hobbies

My hobbies are culture, especially theater going, literature. I collect pictures and love to search for great painters for great price. I go to galleries, sales galleries and auctions. I enjoy the energy given by the painter into the pictures. I visit the painting studios.I also collect crystal products made by historical and famous glassworks. I have visited many of them already. I sometimes grind my own crystal products.I love sports and cannot live without sports. I love history and education. I keep myself informed concerning politics, culture etc. And much much more.

Why should you become MGE23

I am persuaded by the fact, I can still be inspiration for young people as well as for the mature generation of girls and boys. I can show young and mature, there is no limit. The only limit is in our brains. I offer reasonable and stable opinions. No social media company makes me crazy. It is only social media, nothing more. It would also provide me with bigger visibility in Eastern Europe. I am getting in touch with people from Eastern Europe to help with the situation there. It is necessary to connect powers for our community in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine. Czechia is much more open in this field but also not ideal yet. I would like to stress the word respect once more time. Respect, decency and positive mind are topics I want to spread around.

What is the biggest mental health challenge in the LGBT community today

I would distinguish among the countries. Whereas in some European countries the people enjoy nearly full rights and are lucky to solve such topics like change of the sex, in some European countries are the people from our community under unbelievable pressure and have to hide their real identity. I believe that is the most horrible problem when you have to hide your identity because you would be persucated in social or company life. There is something what is common for any country throughout Europe and other continents. It is the influence of social media and many people (we cannot wonder) take them too seriously. This can influence the mental health a lot. People see perfect good looking people and lose the selfconfidence or have a lot of unhealthy selfcofidence. This is the topic we have to speak about. Is there enough of reasonable help? Can everybody be what he/she/it wants to be? Is everybody respected to be the person he/she/it is?

Your idea for your national costume

This is the topic I will solve a lot until I have found the solution. I would like to present something which represents Czechia but is also fresh and not historical. Cross your fingers for me.