Mr Gay Europe 2022

Why do you want to take part in MGE22

Two weeks ago I was looking forward to celebrate pride in Oslo with my friends, unfortunately our celebration was ended due to a brutal attack. Our local and most including LGBTIQ+-bar was attacked, the shooter ended up murdering two people. 21 people were hurt.
As a dedicated medical student at the University of Oslo I have always been passionate about sexual education.
I believe that sexual education is the key to a healthy and open minded society for every individual.
The traumatizing incident in Oslo reminded me of standing up for myself and sexual minorities in Norway, and now hopefully across the world.
I want to spread awareness that we all need to have basic knowledge about sexual and reproductive health, this will be a part for the battle of equality.

What is the biggest LGBT challenge in Europe today

Lack of education and awareness in school and all parts of the educational system. We need more and better education especially in sexual and reproductive health. We need to spread knowledge about sexual health and sexual minorities, and the consequences lack of sexed does to the society. More and better sexed is key.

Your profession / study

First of all i am a medical student at the University of Oslo. Part time I work as an optometrist at the eye department at Aleris Hospital in Oslo. I graduated with my degree in Optometry and visual sciences from the University of South East Norway.

Your hobbies

As an activist I do a lot of volunteer work. I like to create things with my hands, like woodwork and fix on cars and motorcycles.

Why should you become MGE22

I am Norway’s most dedicated sexual educator and want to dedicate my life to the battle of equality and awareness of sexual and reproductive health.
During the last couple of weeks I have been fortunate enough to be the spokesperson of a large group of minorities in Norway. Meeting up with many vulnerable people and affected people the last couple of weeks have reminded me. Of how much education and awareness that is still needed – even in Norway.
This is why I want to dedicate my life to this cause.

How would your friends describe you

Driven. Loving and caring. Obsessed with spreading knowledge and getting to know people.

Your idea for your national costume

I want to represent something that says “amor vincit omnia” and the colour red that is the Chinese colour of happiness, just as the word Gay.