I would like to take part of Mr Gay Europe 2019 because I have been part of the national competition Gayman Czech-Slovakia. Where I have finished at the 2nd place. Thats why Owner of the competition sending me to Mr Gay Europe 2019, which I would love to take a participate.

Why I should be chosen to be next Mr Gay Europe 2019.

I am already participating in Czech LGBT comunity (Namely Prague pride).

I would like to support LGBT comunity more, and at European level, and in future also worldwide.

In the competition I would like to Show that the normal boy can succefull in every aspect of his life.

But the main thing I would be delighted for to take participation of the competinion is new contact such as friends, modeling, comercials, and lot of fun during Mr Gay Europe.

I would also like to take part in prevention of all sexual transmited diseases like AIDS.

Also I would like to mention one topic which I need to be more helpfull to the others. That is the LGBT comunities from the countries where people are still very homofobic and take them as lower beigns.

Name: Lukáš Krajčo
Age: 26
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 188 cm

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