I would like to participate in Mr Gay Europe because I would like to reach out to the LGBT community and show them it’s OK to be open about your sexuality within contact sports and in general, I like to provide information and help others out there where they feel alone.

If I can do this I want to show them anyone can do it when they believe in something enough to fight for the it and make a difference with in the community.

As a 9 x world kick-boxing champion, I want to help other within the sport and other contact sports to understand it’s OK to be openly out and feel safe within a Mainly man dominated sport.

So I think I should be selected as Mr Gay Europe to stand tall and proud and be the voice we need to help the sporting world move forward with accepting us for who we are as love is love and no one should have to hide away within this world we live in.

Name: Christopher James Price
Age: 26
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 194 cm

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