As a gay man that came out a very young age, I’ve seen and been through so many different experiences that I could share with younger LGBTQI people. I’ve blamed myself for so many years about things that had happened to me and it took me some time to stop being a victim and empower myself and pick up the pieces. I now feel like I could be a person that inspires someone who’s in a dark place to find a way out of it. Kindness can be the key to guide those who need help and eventually become an endless circle of kindness in our community.

I am originally from a country where it’s not safe to be gay but moving to Ireland has been so freeing. I finally feel free to be my true self without fear. Today, life has shown me that what you give is what you get. I push myself to be my best version everyday, sharing, having a laugh and fighting for what I believe in.

I believe that Mr Gay Europe gives a platform that can be used to help so many in other countries. I’m proud to represent Ireland, a country which was the first to have a referendum for gay marriage where over half the population said a big yes to equality. I believe Ireland can show other countries how the LGBTQI community should be accepted. I would like to show people how Ireland treated me and how we can treat each other like family.

I want to be a role model to anyone who takes a chance and follows their dreams. I’ve always dreamed of entering a competition like Mr Gay Europe. I chose Ireland to be my home and now Ireland has chosen me to represent them, coming from Brazil with Native American, African and European blood, I never dreamed I could represent Ireland in such an amazing competition as Mr Gay Europe.

Name: Guilherme Souza
Age: 25
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 183 cm

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