Maybe I’m still at the age of 18, but nothing is less worthwhile. I know that there is still a lot of work to do to become that LGBTQI+ society which we are all fighting for. We’re in a century where some people think that everything is already alright for LGBTQI+ people, but no, it’s not. Take the concentration camps in Chechnya or suicide numbers worldwide as example. I also think that my young age is going to be a good thing in this competition. I can reach another target audience, the younger people like teenagers. They are our future and they are the people we need the most to create the LGBTQI+ society we need. They are in the stage of their lives where they learn how society is, and if we can tell them that LGBTQI+ people are not different from the rest, would that be a big step because we all know how much influence young people have.

Name: Jaimie Deblieck
Age: 18
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 186 cm

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– What you do is very important

– What you do is very important

What you do is very important! The mayor of the Norwegian capital, Ms. Anne Lindboe, is a committed ally to the Mr Gay Europe’s campaign for mental health in the LGBTQI+ community.