To be able to represent equality and acceptance and whilst bring the entire LGBT+ community together in a time that’s it’s needed the most. Being an ambassador for the Gay community and a role model to those who need it the most. Being a gay man with one hand has its possible set back but through sheer determination I have won where others said I would fail and through hard work and determination inhale overcome a number of obstacles, I want to give a helping hand (Whoopsie lol) to those who may feel discriminated about within our own community by giving them a role model to look up to. My motto is ‘never stop being you’ which transcends through from sexuality to personality to everything in between.

I’d also would love this to be an opportunity to help raise more awareness about HIV within the LGBT community and assist with the fight for Prep within the UK. Last year I raised £1200 in 7 days for Mad Trust (my first every charity event) not only was it an amazing experience but empowering to know I along with many others were making a difference, ok I’m going to stop as it’s hard to write this on your phone 🙂 .

– Paul

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