I wish to ta take part primarily for the end game… For the chance to be spokesperson to the LGBT Community and for us all to come together to “fight” and bring awareness, make it known that not every country in our “Union” is unified in the same beliefs that gays deserve the exact same rights as what we have in the UK.
Im not sure how the specific politics work of every EU country… However I believe with research I will!… but (I hate repeating the word awareness)….  I want the chance and responsibility to make it more known to us in the UK and other EU countries, (that are more LGBT accepting) That atrocities like what happened to MR Romania is still happening and that its 2016.
You should be allowed to love who you want to love.
Bringing those countries who are accepting together, and  to try and change other EU country policies on the LGBT community.
1World. 1Love.

– Joni

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