Dear producers,

The past few days we have had a few questions sent our way regarding the “new” Mr Gay Europe, and I hope this will make a few things a bit clearer.

1) There is no fee or other costs connected to be a national Mr Gay Europe producer except from the airfare to and from the international finale and travel insurance for the delegate.

2) This year’s competition takes place in Sweden and Norway, from 29. June (the delegate has to arrive in Stockholm as early as possible) until 6 August (the delegate can leave from either Oslo or Trondheim, Norway).

3) After staying 2 days in Stockholm and taking part in Stockholm Pride, the delegates will be traveling by coach through Scandinavia, talking part in wildlife safari, team-building etc. Along the way the delegates will meet up with politicians, media people etc. and take part in seminars and workshops.

4) The competition is based on the same principals and visions as the original Mr Gay Europe, but we have made some changes in order to make it more 2016.

5) The competition is real. We cannot and will of course not promise anyone a certain place on the final list. All the scores will be open so anyone can see who got the high scores.

6) There will not be a finale based around a theatrical performance or show. The delegates will be filmed throughout the whole event, there will be additional personal tapings and the finale itself will be presented as a TV-show that will be aired on Friday 5. August. By this everyone will get to know the delegates, hear them speak, express themselves and most important of all, deliver a message. There will be some filming involving for example beach wear, but that will be in a natural setting during sports and not on display on a stage.

7) All costs during the stay, transport, food and accommodation will be covered by Mr Gay Europe. Producers are welcome to come along, but they will be asked to cover their own costs. The delegates are expected to cover their own pocket money and any alcohol they want to drink.

8) Producers’ Budget; if the producers want to come along, this would be the approximate costs:
– Travel to Stockholm and from Oslo; price will vary from where you live
– Hotel in Stockholm; At the same hotel as the delegates (if we are to pre-order) 110 euro/night/room (You can find cheaper rooms at
– Coach trip in Scandinavia: 95 Euro per person. The space on the coach is limited; first come, first served
– Hotel in Oppdal, Norway (base of event) 250 euro/per flat/per week (up to 3-4 persons per flat)
– Train ticket from Oppdal to airport in Norway (Oslo or Trondheim); 35 euro/person
– Food (some meals will be included at the good will of the sponsors)
– The producers will be allowed to come along for some activities; this will be decided from day to day

9) We wish to make one thing absolutely clear; Mr Gay Europe will never intervene or try to tell National Producers how to organize their own competition. We stride to live up to our slogan ‘Unity through Diversity’ and we do understand and accept that the different countries around Europe may want to organize their event differently from us or the other countries. The only things we ask of our producers is that the competitions and finales are conducted in a fair way, and that there is no connection to, or sponsorship from, any part of the porn industry. Delegates for Mr Gay Europe also have to be 18 years or older. The rest is up to you as National Producers.

Please note that this URL will be updated with information for producers. Subject to change without notice.