Austin Armacost bringing star power to Stockholm

In only a few weeks’ time 12 men will compete for the title of Mr Gay Europe in Stockholm. We are pleased to announce that helping decide who walks away with the title this year will be the one and only Austin Armacost. Austin is an international cover model, TV personality, gay rights activist, and recent two time Celebrity Big Brother All Star. Adding to Austin’s list of accomplishments in the television world is his accomplishments in the fight for equality and justice around the world. In 2010 Austin joined the fight against the (Defense Of Marriage Act) in...

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11 Essential Things Gay Guys Love

It’s no secret that some things are near and dear to a gay man that would make absolutely no sense to a straight man. And those straight men who do one or more of the things on this list are living in denial. 1. Gym selfies We’re here, we’re queer, we work out! This is the most basic of selfies for a gym-bunny. 2. Neatly groomed eyebrows Give a gay tweezers and he’ll get carried away. Not everyone can pull off the Vulcan brows. 3. Every cute straight boy can be turned We know better, but we can’t help...

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What’s The “Big” Deal?

STRANGE READING FOR A GIRL The things I read and see in the name of researching gay news for Mr Gay Europe often leave me with bigger eyes than I was born with. It’s a strange world I’m in. The thing that sparked this blog, is one I found in about gay men and penis sizes. That’s right. I was reading something completely different when I saw this in their feed, which made me think of how I’ve now heard a few times how no one is as much of a size-queen as a gay man, or gay...

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6 things you have to be gay to understand

Some things are pretty obvious for the gay guy, but hopeless for straight people to understand. Here’s 6 things you have to be gay to get. 1. Endless, meaningless banter on Grindr. There is only one reason for Grindr’s existence; for guys to get laid. If you’re old skool and are only interested in chatting with people for hours and hours, go back to Facebook and bug your friends. 2. Go-go dancers who are straight. That’s just cruel. 3. Guys who don’t share face pics. It doesn’t matter how good your body looks, if you hide your face the...

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Several changes to the rules and challenges

The MGE team continues to adjust the course and develop Mr Gay Europe into a competition for the future. There are several changes and alternations to the rules and challenges for 2017. More power to the people! Previously the online votes did add points to the delegates’ final score, but it was still not one of the more important challenges. From counting only 5 percent of the final score, the online vote now weighs 20 percent of the total. “Mr Gay Europe has a lot of fans out there and we want them to be a part of the...

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The importance of being gay – and why to fight for it

These days the issues I have to deal with as the owner of Mr Gay Europe has really set things into perspective for me. The horrible news coming to us from Chechnya, where the leaders now claim that no gays are hunted down and put into concentration camps because there are no gays in the country, shows us once again that the fight for our rights is far from at the end. I met the same type of argument when sitting across the table with the leading Imam of Norway. He was the leader of Islamsk Råd (Islamic Board)...

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