Welcome to the life of gay Europe, Instagram.com/mrgayeurope.

Mr Gay Europe has been organized since 2005, when the first finale took place in Oslo, Norway.

Over the years many delegates from all over Europe have participated and each year our MGE family has increased in numbers.

This year we introduce Mr Gay Europe Life on our Instagram mrgayeurope. The account gives a peek into the lives of some of our family members across Europe.

We want to build an Instagram account that shows the everyday life of gay Europe, work, party, love, hobbies, family, interests, causes, business, leisure, creativity, passions, thoughts and ideas.

We at the MGE team want to show the diversity of gay Europe, and that is why we ask our MGE family to contribute. Present and previous delegates, titleholders, producers, MGE team members and judges are invited to contribute.

The post/photo should be accompanied by a text related to the content of the image with minimum the following tags: #mrgayeurope and #mgelife and be tagged to the account of the contributor.

Each month (starting April) the photo with the most likes and a photo chosen “photo of the month” will receive a small reward from the MGE team.

  • The contributors can upload the photo when they want, the MGE team will each day upload a general photo to the account.
  • The contributors are free to upload parts of their lives as they see fit, but here are some policy rules that apply.
  • The European GDPR rules apply.
  • Everyone featured in photos must have given their consent.
  • The content should be gay positive, sex positive, body positive.
  • Hateful or discriminatory photos or comments are not allowed.
  • Standard Instagram rules regarding nudity apply.
  • The contributors can generally promote their work, hobbies, interests, causes, business, passions, thoughts and ideas, but “special offers”, information about price etc. is not allowed. ULRs can be included in the text.
  • The content on the account is to be monitored by Instagram’s own rules, European GDPR laws, MGE rules and policy and Norwegian law.
  • The MGE team can at any time edit or delete posts that are a violation of MGE rules and policy. However, the audience should know we want to uphold the freedom of speech and freedom of thoughts as much as possible.

You can contribute by getting direct access to the account or by sending photos, text and tags to office(a)mrgayeurope.com. Complains on the content can also be sent to the same address.