Published 5 July 2016 – 20:29

Here comes another update:

1) First of all: PLEASE READ your handbook and these updates. We are getting some questions that are already answered in the information you’ve already have received.

2) Statistics: Here are some statistics since some of you asked for it to inform and update your sponsors. Since January the Mr Gay Europe page has had more than 900.000 page views. Most visitors come from the European countries, but we do have a lot of fans in Far East Asia and South America as well.

We can also read from the statistics which delegates who really promote their profile pages. In order for you to be able to get sponsors we allow you to put on logos and a short message from the sponsors (max 150 words) on your individual pages.

In July and August we expect more than 300.000 hits on the website, this is based on previous years’ numbers. We have seen a very high increase in hits/page views recently, in June we had 177.000 hits, this month we are already above 215.000.

This means that whoever sponsors you will get their money’s worth back.

We don’t get information on who is visiting the page, but from the names left on our mailing list we see that the visitors are both men and women, about 60/40 based on who leaves their names in order to get information from us.

3) Policy: Again, the “new” Mr Gay Europe has changed. We hope we have added more content to the competition. For example: One part of the competition is set in a talk show setting with all delegates present and two professional journalists leading the debate. This will give you a real life experience for when you win the competition and are going to meet the media out there. You will be judged by professionals by how well you conduct yourself, get your message across and take part in the debate in a convincing way.

Another example: Most of the information young people get today about being gay is from the Internet and social media. How well do you master these tools? We stride to find out during the Mr Gay Europe 2016 finale.

Who is in the jury? Again, we want to think differently. The jury will not (!) consist of a majority of middle aged men, so-called celebrities and so on. But professional in the fields of marketing, human resources, media, politics etc.

Some have asked “what’s in it for me?” First of all the MGE2016 experience. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to get contacts and create a network around Europe. If you are to be the last man standing we first need to know who you are. We need to adjust the title and the program around the person who wins; what is his everyday situation, does he come from an open and liberal country or does he comes from a country with challenges regarding gay rights? What will be his main focus during the year as Mr Gay Europe? Previously people have wanted to work with health, HIV, the situation for elderly, problems with suicide, helping people to come out etc. We need to know what the winner wants to work with and we will take it from there. But of course there are some standard requirements; there will be some traveling, interviews, meeting with politicians, blogging etc. This you will talk more about with Stuart and me from the moment you arrive in Stockholm.

4) And as the final point today; when Beate puts up the bios of the MGE team, please have a look through them as well. MGE is a voluntary organization and it might be a good idea to get to know the people that are working for you during your stay in Norway and Sweden.

That was all for now – please if you have any questions – contact us at any time.


Published 2 July 2016 – 17:19

Hello again, here is today’s update

1) Wildlife safari. First of all – take a look at the video on the left, you are going to a part of Scandinavia where you will meet these guys – of course, from a secure distance – they can run up to 40 km/hour and they don’t like to have humans around.

2) Only delegates who have taken part and won in a national competition in their own country are “Mr Gay Country”. Everyone else is “The Delegate Representing Country”. We don’t want to get into any legal controversies over the use of copyrighted titles. Please keep this in mind when you do your PR for the online voting.

3) The sports challenge is ready and tested! This year’s sports challenge should make you all sweat a bit, but it is organized in a way so you also need to use your brain to win the challenge. PT Harriet Hestad will supervise the challenge in Oppdal and the athlete with the best tactic skills will be the winner. Please remember to bring good shoes for running and normal outdoor training outfit.

4) Do you have Instagram on your phone? As part of the communication challenge you will be asked to upload photos every day (we will make sure you have WiFi) to promote yourself and to show the world what you have been up to in a constructive and communicative way. You will be given a hashtag upon arrival, but why not start practicing; show us how you prepare for the event by uploading photos and use the hashtag #mrgayeurope.

That was all for today. Have a nice one!


Published 30 June 2016 – 22:09

Hi guys! Are you ready for an adventure?

We at the MGE Team think it is important that you get all the info you need to make the most out of MGE 2016. Therefore; here is your toolbox with useful “tools” and information. The toolbox will be updated on a regular basis, so please come back here and check often to see if there is any new info added.

Here is your first check list

1) Handbook! First of all – read your handbook carefully – it contains important information and the least you can do it to actually read the info we present to you.

2) Video! Send your presentation video ASAP. Stuart and Beate will be nagging all of us about this till it is done, so please help yourselves by submitting the videos.

3) We ARE different! Please note that Mr Gay Europe REALLY is different from all other Mr Gay competition. Not only are we the original one, we also want to stick to our slogan “Unity through Diversity” and we do want to move the competition on to 2016. Therefore; there will be no swimwear competition as such or any fancy finale show; there will be a sports event and a TV program that will be broadcast for the world to see.

4) Friends and family! If you want to invite you friends or family to be part of your adventure for the last part of the event, you should ask them to travel to the mountain village of Oppdal in Norway. The best way to get there is to fly to Oslo or Trondheim and take the train to Oppdal. Please note that your friends and family will not be able to go on all the events during the stay, but if anyone should travel all the way we will try (!) to create time and place for things we can do together. No boyfriends, producers or mothers will be allowed to stay in your room or flat, but we can help out with good prices at the local hotels. Producers and journalists may be allowed on the coach from Stockholm to Oppdal/Trondheim but only by prior agreement and if space allows it. There are only a limited number of seats, and the priority list is: 1) Producers 2) Media 3) Friends and family.

5) The MGE Team is:

Tore; co-founder and owner of the competition.
Beate; executive producer, webmaster and problem solver
Stuart; managing director and organizer (Previous delegate)
Nick; medical staff (Previous delegate)
Robbie; delegate liaison (Previous delegate)
Peter; TV host and the presenter of the finale show/program

There will also be more people added to the team as we get closer to the event.

That was all for now; in MGE we have a say; there is only one question that is stupid or silly – and that is the question you don’t ask. Ask us any time, use the Facebook group or our contact form; we are all here for you guys!

Welcome to the MGE family!