Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the Mr Gay Europe family and the 2016 Mr Gay Europe competition.

This year’s event is different from all the other past competitions; prepare for the unexpected. In 2016, as The Mr Gay Europe team, we really wanted to step away from the cliched pageant style event and press the ‘refresh button’ to what we believe is a more modern and up-to-date event where you, the delegates and your LGBTI Campaigns are the main focus.

The Mr Gay Europe organization and our friends in Norway and Sweden are working very hard to make sure that you will have an unforgettable stay. This year we will not be staying in just one city or even just one country. In 2016, Mr Gay Europe will hit the road and we will be going on a tour throughout Scandinavia.

As you will already be aware, the fight for gay and human rights is not over around our continent; Mr Gay Europe is not about revolution, but an evolution towards a world where everyone (and not only our LGBTI community) has the right to love who they want and the right to live how they want and the right to live where they want. Europe has an incredible mix of states and cultures, and in order to achieve unity through diversity, we have a job to do and we hope you are ready to join us.

Mr Gay Europe is a competition, but I really hope you will make the most out of the stay, enjoy yourself, have fun and most of all make memories that you will cherish forever! At the end of the day, only one person can win the title, but everyone who is taking part must be prepared to work hard to make this a wonderful event; there will be a lot of work ahead, but there will also a lot of time off to relax as well.

If you have only one goal for MGE2016; that ambition should be to make friends and widen your network of people throughout Europe.

Feel free to contact myself or anyone in our team if you have any questions, special requests or comments. This is your moment – you are meant to have a fabulous time – and together we can make MGE2016 a very special event!

Looking forward to see you in Scandinavia!

Sincerely Yours,


1. Mr Gay Europe 2016 is an 8-day event. The finale will take place on Friday 5 August, 2016.

2. All the Delegates need to have arrived in STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Friday 29 July; preferably before lunch local time.

3. All the Delegates can book their ticket back home from OSLO, Norway, Saturday 6 August; from 8 o’clock in the morning.

4. Any delegates that would like to stay in Oslo Saturday night and fly back on Sunday – since they are in Oslo after all – can of course do so, the MGE Team can help out with affordable accommodation.

5. If any producers would like to join their delegate on the Scandinavian tour they may do so, the MGE Team can help out with tickets on the coach, accommodation and train ticket back to Oslo at nice prices.

6. Please let us know of any special dietary requirements (vegetarian, allergies, diabetes, kosher, halal, etc.) During your stay you will get breakfast, lunch and dinner.

7. Many of the activities, as well as the finale competition will be videotaped. Delegates have to understand that the show can be broadcast domestic and foreign, without any limitations, and without any fee to the delegates. All delegates must be willing to be photographed and videotaped at all times.

8. Rehearsals may be held at different times during your stay. The people guiding you through your rehearsals are highly-respected professionals who know exactly what it takes to make you look your best. Your success and stage confidence will depend upon your willingness to cooperate. Please listen to directions, follow instructions and always be on time! Mobile phones should be switched off or set to silent mode during rehearsals and for the show!

9. You are to bring three main outfits apart from clothes that you are wearing during parties, traveling etc. You also have to bring some warm clothes for the Scandinavian weather:

A) Evening wear; bring something you would wear for a nice and formal dinner.

B) Sportswear; bring something you would wear during a game of volley ball and if the weather is nice, something to wear if you were going for a swim. Remember sports shoes.

C) Everyone should bring a nice white top and a black top (no logos or sponsor logos), a pair of plain jeans and a pair of nice shoes (dark brown or black)

D) The weather in Scandinavia changes quickly and a lot; make sure you bring a warm jacket and for some of the excursions you need to bring a pair of hiking type shoes with which you can walk in the terrain with.

10. Keep personal wardrobe at a minimum. You will be personally responsible for any overweight charges you incur en route to and from the event. You will also receive gifts and we guess you want to take them with you back home. We recommend that you do not bring valuables. Please do not pack any documents necessary for registration in your checked in luggage. And remember no fluids in your hand luggage!

11. Make sure you give us your flight times so that we can arrange for either picking you up, or direct you to the correct public transportation. As soon as you know your travel schedule, please send it to

12. At arrival you will be asked to show your passport or EU ID-card and valid travel insurance.

13. As an official delegate of Mr Gay Europe, you will be sharing a double room (with two single beds) with one of the other delegates and a flat with four single beds with three other delegates. This is not negotiable! This is the friendship idea behind Mr Gay Europe and has proven to be a great success. People bond and make friends from all over Europe, and we still hear that people are in contact with each other via email, text messages and social media. Some have even visited each other in their respective countries after the competition is over.

14. We think it would be nice if you brought your first roommate a small gift from your home country. It does not have to be something expensive, but a little souvenir perhaps that tells us something about where you live. It could be anything from a souvenir doll made in your country to a small book explaining or telling him about your country. Sometimes you can get help from the local tourist office in your city. Explain to them what the gift is for, and perhaps they will provide it for you for free? As a roommate we are sure you will appreciate a gift from another country, right?

15. You will be solely responsible for all of your personal incidental expenses such as phone calls, pay-TV, clothes cleaning, mini-bar and room-service. These charges must be paid before you check out of the hotel. No exceptions!

16. To ensure a fair competition, there will be no personal stylists, hairdressers or national organizers permitted backstage or in the delegates’ hotel rooms at any time. If you would like to meet with your National Director, sponsors, family or friends please make arrangements for this in the lobby of the hotel or any other public area.

17. In order to win the Mr Gay Europe title each delegate has to take part in 8 different challenges and tasks.

18. All in all, the delegates can score up to 180 points based on a vector system that ensures that each and everyone has a fair chance to win and minimizes the risk of “fixing” and cheating. Mr Gay Europe strives to have an open and transparent points system.

19. Personal interview (4): A panel of judges interviews the delegates. This is the most important challenge during the competition.

20. Written test (3): the delegates will answer questions on European politics, gay culture and trivia in a specific time frame set by the judges.

21. The Question (1): This challenge only applies to those who make it to the Top 5. Each and every one of the delegates writes down a question and the delegates that make it to the Top 5 pull the question they are to answer from a container.

22. Online vote (2): From 1 July until 4 August anyone can vote for their favourite delegate online. It is free of charge; you don’t need an app or a smartphone to vote; you can ask your mother, all your friends and fans to make that “click” once a day!

23. SoMe (1): The delegates are assessed from how well they perform and promote themselves on Social Media.

24. Presentation video (2): The delegates have to send in a short video presentation of themselves; not later than 8 July. The presentation can be an edited video or a video recorded in one take and the maximum time is 90 seconds. (Format: MP4) The video should be a presentation of the delegate and his personality.

25. Mr Congeniality (1): Who does the other delegates think is the most likable, friendly and nice guy among them. We will all find out at the finale.

26. Photo session (2): A professional photographer and a stylist work with the delegates and they are to show off their best angle. The delegates get judged both by how they work with the photographer and by the final result.

27. Sports (1): This challenge will show how fit the delegates are.

28. The winner of each challenge gets 12 points (multiplied by the vector), and the rest of the delegates are awarded 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0 points. If a challenge demands an assessment the judges award the delegates from 0 to 100 points. When added together that gives the winner.

29. The Personal Interview is held with a preliminary panel of judges and gives you the opportunity to talk personally with the judges. Think of this as a job interview and dress accordingly and make sure you leave the judges with no doubt that they should pick you as Mr Gay Europe 2016.

Sometimes you have to undergo interviews and they can seem frightening and make you nervous. Here are a few reminders that hopefully will make you less apprehensive:

Relax! These judges are not your enemies. They want you to succeed and be charming. They want you to be super! That doesn’t mean coming across as arrogant; but being a genuine, healthy, and sane person they would want to work with.

Be yourself, if time permits, ask one of the judges a question about them. Everyone loves to talk about themselves. But don’t be too pushy or too eager.

Be honest. These judges are experienced people and will see right through you if you lie.

Try to “shine” and be welcoming of their questions and smile and have fun with them. That’s what this personal interview is all about.

Test yourself. That way you’ll remember your own answers better. Be specific, but not too brief. Answer in full sentences. If your English is not too good, give simple and straight forward answers.

Remember; don’t get provoked, but relax, be honest and to the point, don’t forget to smile and look the judges and the journalists in the eyes! Good luck!

30. The online voting. In the past we have been asked by the public why they can’t have a say in who is going to win. Therefore we have designed an online voting competition so that the public can directly influence the final result.

31. Smoking and drinking; you are not allowed to smoke in the hotel room. If you have to smoke, please smoke in designated areas only. If you drink, please drink responsibly. Use of drugs is strictly prohibited. Any misconduct, non-observance of rules, use of drugs or disrespectful behaviour by a delegate may result in immediate dismissal from the Mr Gay Europe competition

32. A few words about the Press. Reporters and photographers representing the local, national and international media will be covering the competition. If you are being interviewed; THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

If a question is asked and you would prefer not to answer it – say so. Just say: “No comment” and smile. No one expects you to respond to questions that make you uncomfortable or which may be too personal, or too controversial in nature. Also, feel free to ask a reporter to repeat or clarify a question you do not understand. No one will think any less of you, and you just may save yourself from an embarrassing response.

During the event there will be a short seminar that focuses on how to deal with journalists and media in general.

33. As you arrive for the competition you are asked to sign an agreement that goes into effect if you win the competition. If you don’t win, the contract will be shredded. The agreement is the framework for your co-operation with the Mr Gay Europe Team in the year to come.

34. As a Mr Gay Europe delegate you are expected to reply to emails and SMS within a short time. A future Mr Gay Europe must be “online” and ready to respond within reasonable limits.

35. The Checklist. The following list has been prepared as a last reminder of some of the articles you may need for the competition. Add to this list to personalize it and then check every item before you leave home!

Evening wear

Sportswear, remember good shoes

Swim wear (choose something you are comfortable in)

Clubbing wear for going out in your time off.

Appropriate clothes for the interview. Think of it as a job interview.

A warm jacket

Black top/White top (T-shirt, Shirt with short sleeves etc.)

A small gift for your roommate

Travel documents: Passport, tickets, pocket money, valid travel insurance (very important)

Personal medication

Transformer (if necessary)

Charger for telephone/PC


Razor/Deodorant/Cologne/After shave/Edt (put in suitcase)

Soaps/Shampoo (put in suitcase)

Sun Lotion (put in suitcase)

Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Mouthwash (put in suitcase)

Safety pins/Sewing kit

Comb/Brush/Hair styling products






Something to wear in bed

Rain wear or small umbrella

35. The program (subject to change, details will follow)

Friday 29 July
Arrival in Stockholm
Meet and greet
Pride Park

Saturday 30 July
Seminar A
Pride Parade
Pride Party

Sunday 31 July
Departure with coach after breakfast
Travel through Sweden and Norway
Arrival at mountain resort
Seminar B (team building)

Monday 1 August
Wild life safari
Seminar C (networking/media)
Evening Surprise!

Tuesday 2 August
Trip to Trondheim (more info later)

Wednesday 3 August
Photo Session
Sport Challenge

Thursday 4 August
Seminar D (personal growth)
Beach Party (photo session)

Friday 5 August
Taping of show
Farewell party

Saturday 6 August
Return home from OSLO, Norway