Part I


1. Mr Gay Europe 2020 is an 7-day event. The official announcement of the winner will take place on Saturday 18 July, 2020.

2. The delegates need to have arrived in Newcastle Monday 13 July, before 15:00 local time. If you need to arrive later, you must notify the MGE Team at

3. The delegates can book their ticket back home from Newcastle Sunday 19 July, in the afternoon. 

4. Please let us know of any special dietary requirements (vegetarian, allergies, diabetes, kosher, halal, etc.) During your stay you will get breakfast, lunch and dinner.

5. Many of the activities during the event will be videotaped. Delegates have to understand that the event can be broadcast domestic and foreign, without any limitations, and without any fee to the delegates. All delegates must be willing to be photographed and videotaped at all times.

6. Rehearsals and seminars may be held at different times during your stay. The people guiding you through these activities are highly respected professionals. Your success and confidence will depend upon your willingness to cooperate. Please listen to directions, follow instructions and always be on time! Mobile phones should be switched off or set to silent mode during rehearsals and seminars!

What to Bring

The following list has been prepared as a reminder of the articles you may need in Newcastle.
1. Carry on luggage:
A. Travel documents; Passport, tickets, valid travel insurance.
B. Money; to cover personal expenses.
C. Personal medication.
D. Travel adapter for UK.
E. Charger for telephone/PC

2. Check in luggage:
A. Razor/Deodorant/Cologne/After shave/Edt
B. Soaps/Shampoo
C. Sun Lotion
D. Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Mouthwash
E. Safety pins/Sewing kit
F. Comb/Brush/Hair styling products
G. A small gift for your roommate
H. Evening/interview wear; shirt, nice pair of trousers, a jacket, dark pair of shoes and a tie
I. Sportswear; good athletic shoes, t-shirt and shorts/pants
J. Swim wear; suit or shorts
K. Club wear; for going out in the evening
L. A warm jacket; the evenings can be chilly
M. A black and a white top; t-shirt, pique polo shirt, etc
N. Shoes; comfortable for walking
O. Jeans; plain and comfortable
P. Socks; keep it classy
Q. Underwear; keep it classy
R. Sweater; to keep you warm
S. Sleepwear; keep it classy
T. Something to wear if it rains
U. National flag; for various use
V. National costume

Please no large logos/sponsor logos on your clothing.


To become Mr Gay Europe, the delegates have to compete in different categories/challenges, where the delegates get their marks. At the end of the competition the marks are all added up and the delegate with the most points gets to name himself Mr Gay Europe. Here are some helpful tips for the delegates.

A. Personal interview (20% of total points)
A panel of judges will be interviewing the delegates for up to 15 minutes. Delegates with special needs (sign language, etc.) get more time. For more information about this challenge, please check specific info about the interview further down.

B. My Project (15%)
The delegates are to plan a LGBTIQ+ campaign and present how they plan to work on that campaign on an pan-European level in the coming year. The delegates are encouraged to still implement their campaign locally even if they don’t win the title.

This is a challenge the delegates have to work on before they arrive at the competition. The presentation can be made orally, with a power point presentation etc. Delegates who need technical equipment have to inform the MGE Team no later than a week before arriving.

C. Online Vote (15%)
Users on vote for who they believe should win the competition. The voting doesn’t require any apps or televoting; and is free of charge. In the past we have been asked by the public why they can’t have a say in who is going to win. Therefore we have designed an online voting competition so that the public can directly influence the final result. From 1 July until 17 July anyone can vote for their favourite delegate online; you can ask your mother, all your friends and fans to make that “click” once a day!

D. The written test (15%)
This test is conducted in English and the delegates have to answer up to 60 questions in 60 minutes on different topics such as LGBTIQ+ history, general knowledge, politics and current events. Delegates with special needs (dyslexia, etc.) get more time. The delegates are encouraged to pay special attention during the MGE seminars.

E. SoMe Challenge (10%)
The delegates are given a social media challenge. The delegates are judged on their impact on social media. One of the challenges is that the delegates have to produce a short video presentation of themselves before their arrival in Newcastle. The video has to be filmed in landscape mode (wide), and must not be longer than 90 seconds. You don’t need special equipment, use your phone!

F. Photogenic Challenge (10%)
In this challenge the delegates will be judged based on photos taken and professional attitude during a photo session. A photographer will work with the delegates and they are to show off their best angle and confidence.

G. Sports Challenge (5%)
The sports challenge is different from year to year, depending on the local facilities. In this test the delegates are to compete on physical strength and stamina.

H. Mr Congeniality (5%)
Who does the other delegates think is the most likable, friendly and nicest guy among them? The delegates vote for the delegate, other than themselves, they think should win Mr Gay Europe.

I. National Costume (5%)
In this challenge the delegates are invited to use their imagination to present themselves and their country/cultural heritage in an innovative and colourful way.