Delegates 2009

Mr. Gay Europe Official Delegates 2009


Name: Andrei Charkas
Age: 23
Height: 182
City: Minsk
Occupation: Shop assistant and journalist
Hobbies: Designing clothes
Zodiac: Libra

I would like to present my country in this competition. Belarus has never taken part before, so we have to start to join in this competition and show our slavic beauty.



Name: Cédric Fievey
Age: 26
City: Brussels
Occupation: Media and communication production manager
Hobbies: Music, cinema, eurovision, culture and city trips
Zodiac: Gemini

As contestant of Mr Gay Belgium, I would like to be contestant in Mr Gay Europe 2009. I would like to speak about some themes during the preparation and the election: HIV, coming out, homophobia. I want to be the Mr Gay Europe of all european gays.

Name: Radolav Iliev
Age: 22
Height: 178
City: Sofia
Occupation: Student at National Sports Academy
Hobbies: X-treem Sports, travel and music
Zodiac: Sagittarius

I want be a role model for gay people in Bulgaria and the region of the Balkans to be open and to express freely their natural feelings and desires.

The Czech Republic
Name: Martin Miko
Age: 23
Height: 192 cm
City: Častá
Occupation: Bartender
Hobbies: Dancing, Travelling.
Zodiac: Taurus

Nominated as national competition winner.


Denmark and the region of Øresund
Name: Mitchel Nebelong-Ibsen
Age: 20
Height: 180 cm
City: Kastrup
Occupation: I work for Stop Aids
Hobbies: Dragshows, meeting new friends and travel
Zodiac: Libra

I would like to show people that I can be much more than just pretty and also I would like to tell people how important it is aways to have SAFE SEX. I work as a volunteer for Stop Aids, and i have learned so much about SAFE SEX and I want to teach everybody how important it is.

Name: Madis Räästas
Age: 28
Height: 180 cm
City: Tallinn
Occupation: Waiter
Hobbies: Event management
Zodiac: Scorpio

Urban legends tells us that gay men are girly, they are crazy about their perfect six-pack and shiny discoball, obsessed with Madonna and their new pair of Prada shoes and all they do is having sex. This is how typical people think about gay people. I would like to show people that we have more in our lives and are more than that “urban legend”.

Name: Dominic Meury
Age: 23
Height: 180 cm
City: München
Occupation: Industry worker
Hobbies: Computers, traveling, modeling, runway, fitness training, shopping, being with my friends.
Zodiac: Libra

I want to show what I can be a better person and I want all people to work together. I’m deaf so I want to show everyone I can have a complete life. I am direct, honest, open, understanding, I have my own opinion, and I want to work with AIDS and help people to understand that they need to protect themselves.

Name: Magnus Jonsson
Age: 24
Height: 184 cm
City: Reykjanesbær
Occupation: Steward and spinning instructor.
Hobbies: Travelling, meet new people and different cultures, fitness, friends.
Zodiac: Capricorn

I really want to help the gay community as much as I can and I have some ideas of how I can help them. For me it’s all about helping someone else that has not had as good experience on being gay. I went 2008 with one of my best friends to Budapest to see him take part in Mr. Gay Europe and it looked like a fun way to meet nice people and maybe learn some new stuff about other cultures.

Name: Jason Masterson
Age: 23
Height: 165 cm
City: Tallaght
Occupation: Special Needs/Disability Care Assistant
Hobbies: Swimming, gym, walking,cinema, travelling and spending time with friends
Zodiac: Pisces

I would like to be Mr Gay Europe because it’s a great opportunity to do so much for so many. I love meeting new people – especially when I travel and sharing my experiences with theirs. I am flexible, easy going and click with people easily. Being part of Mr Gay Ireland was a great experience and I learned a lot and now having the chance to become Mr Gay Europe is going to give me the opportunity to help others and give me the chance to learn more. I think that’s what life is about.

Name: Antony Cortinovis
Age: 24
Height: 183 cm
City: Bergamo
Occupation: Pizza man
Hobbies: I love SCI
Zodiac: Aquarius

Participating in this competition is the opportunity for me to give out to Europe the happiness that is inside of me and to try to share it with my smile to all the people I’ll meet in the competition, to all Europe and to the whole world!
It’s with this smile and this joy that I want to represent the European gay community, with a particular care to those countries where this reality still has yet to be accepted, like the one where I come from. Gays and lesbians will eventually be free to scream or simply tell their stories, their feelings, their thoughts without being judged!
It would be very important for me to stay on this track since it would be the opportunity to focus more on the social aspects of this issue, carrying on my initiatives and increasing their visibility by putting loads of effort, tenacity, and love! So, what else to say? With my smile and your determination we can make this world even more gay!!!! Vote for me! Vote for me!! Vote for me!!!

Netherlands, The
Name: Jeffrey Zevenbergen
Age: 27
Height: 190 cm
City: Ridderkerk
Occupation: Interior stylist
Hobbies: I am a passionate handballplayer. I also like spending some quality time with my friends and family (interior, cinema, cooking, going out, shopping, etc.)
Zodiac: Scorpio

I always knew I am gay and I never felt or have been treated any different. As I am a succesfull handballplayer and always have been surrounded by a “real men” I can tell. The reason I tell this is to show that it is possible to be gay without any prejudice. Beside this I think I am the right person to become Mr Gay Europe 2009 and I would like to participate in all activity’s which can help all Gay people to gain there rights.


Northern Ireland
Name: James Smallman
Age: 23
Height: 176 cm
City: Derry
Occupation: Waiter/Bar Man. Call Centre Agent.
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Sports, Community Voluntary Work.
Zodiac: Aries

I would like to be a representative for the Gay community across Europe and help in the struggle for equality for gay people in countries all over the world.


Name: Walter Heidkampf
Age: 49
Height: 184 cm
City: Oslo
Occupation: Senior Health Officer at Helseutvalge, an helath organisation for gay and lesbians.
Hobbies: My sommerhouse, ancient Rome, Fashion, lifestyle changes.
Zodiac: Scorpio

Guess I´m a bit of an exhibionist, otherwise I wouldn´t be in this competion. The time has come when Mr Gay Europe is a mature, grown up, sober, HIV-positive man, who can match being serious, ”crazy” and keep his integrity at the same time. The gay community need role models regardless of age. I believe I can match that challenge with my life experiences. It’s about time for all of us to take a personal responsibility for our actions – and it starts with Mr Gay Norway becoming Mr Gay Europe!
Giving me the title Mr Gay Europe gives me the opportunity to show an alternative lifestyle without drugs and alcohol. By sharing my experiences living with HIV, I can give support to people living with the disease and try to make gay men regardless of age, aware of that medication gives most of us healthy life’s, but it does not take away stigma, discrimination and criminalization. And in the end, being HIV+ is not a rosegarden. If being Mr Gay Europe in any way can be a help to work against homofobia and support other gay and lesbians around Europe, I´m here to help.

Name: N.N. (Name and photo are withheld due to security reasons.)
Age: xx
Height: xxx cm
City: Palestine
Occupation: xxx
Hobbies: xxx
Zodiac: xxx

I would like to represent Palestine because I have lived long time hiding that I am gay. I am trying to break the psychological and cultural barriers.


Name: Kamil Szmerdt
Age: 21
Height: 175 cm
City: Tychy
Occupation: Bartender.
Hobbies: Dance, Art, Music, Writing
Zodiac: Libra

I work hard on the gay scene for last 3 years. I’m active volunteering in every single charity organization. I’m not scared of new adventures. I’m open minded and hungry for knowledge.



Name: André Caldeira Rodrigues
Age: 32
Height: 180 cm
City: Lisboa
Occupation: Entrepreneur / financial executive.
Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, gym, reading, eurovision song contest, being with friends and relatives.
Zodiac: Aquarius

I want to take part at the MGE 2009 because I will be proud to represent my country in an international environment where I can make new friends and also share my views and thoughts on gay issues. Being MGE would make me available to contribute to several gay events as well as to help young homosexuals to assume themselves and not to repress themselves concerning their sexual orientation.




Name: Andy Claudiu Postica
Age: 22
Height: 180 cm
City: Bucharest
Occupation: Hair stylist
Hobbies: Inline skating and swimming
Zodiac: Gemini

I would like to take part in MGE in order to get in touch with the European gay community. Becoming Mr Gay Europe would enable me to represent the Romanian gay community abroad.


Name: David Baramija
Age: 24
Height: 180 cm
City: Vladimir
Occupation: Landscape designer
Hobbies: Growing orchids and sport (fitness)
Zodiac: Libra

I want to say to all guys from Russia: Do not be afraid to be yourself. The most important is to be a man and a person and to behave correspondingly. Also KVIR magazine chose me to represent Russia at Mr Gay Europe 2009.

Name: Roman Vašek
Age: 21
Height: 178 cm
City: Častá
Occupation: Receptionist
Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Pc, Travelling
Zodiac: Gemini
Nominated as national competition winner.



Name: Robert Kulovec Mueller
Age: 29
Height: 182 cm
City: Ljubljana
Occupation: I have a Uni Diploma in Biochemistry and in September I will have Master’s degree in Biochemistry. I run a small web firm business.
Hobbies: I collect antiques from art nouveau era. I am a member of Mensa society and the youth Organization of Slowenian writers society. I write poetry and do the intermedia projects. 3 times per week I work as a volunteer in a day centre for homeless people.
Zodiac: Cancer

I care about a better world. I believe in acts much more than in words and I believe all the intellect human has simply counts nothing, without a good decent personality. I am highly moral also in an aspect I would never hurt other people with my words or acts. I dont believe in ignorant society. My last Intermedia project Mutatics was a social awareness project about HIV transmission. I am an activist in Slovenija since few months back. Since the last verbal attacks in my neighborhood I have reached out to the media and spoken about how being gay is not a moral question and there is no need to argument a deterministic point of view, even when somebody chooses to be gay thats completely fine. And I was talking about that, that we should have more fairytales for children about two princes marry or how a prince becomes a princess. There is simply nothing wrong with that. I have created a group on facebook a couple of months ago, perhaps you check it out: Say no to homophobia.

Name: Sergio Lara
Age: 26
Height: 180 cm
City: Barcelona
Occupation: I am a psychology graduate, and have a music middle degree.
Hobbies: I love all kind of music, from time to time I take my free time playing guitar and singing. Cinema is another of my passions. I also try to include the gym in the daily routine but I am always ready to leave it with a good trip.I like having a good group of friends with whom I enjoy talking, is more than a hobby, it is fair and necessary. And finally I will not forget mention outdoor seating and do nothing, I just love to dream and let my imagination run wild.
Zodiac: Taurus

I want to participate because I think it is a unique opportunity for several reasons, firstly the personal experience to meet new people which in turn are experiencing a similar situation to mine, on the other side open doors in the world of advertising and modeling but especially for representing the LGTB community of my country altough we are many and I am just another one.
I think it has given me a unique opportunity that I want to take for the good of the community LGTB. In our position we can get more involved or simply have more influence over its situation. We are tired of asking rights to be equal in the eyes of the law but do not forget that we are all equal but we need some different benefits.
From my experience as a worker at a center for testing for STDs for LGTB people I think that we need awareness about sexual health and have better conditions for it provided by public health and education. That´s why it is also essential that not only LGTB people come out of the closet but also HIV positive gay people do it in an appropriate framework, uncritically, without pressure, to reduce risk and improve quality of life. VISIBILITY IS NEEDED!. Why should I win? Fortunately that is something I have not to decide, but if I should I think I have a good physical image and knowledge to take the title and I would like make the most in all aspects as discussed and in many others who are coming.


Name: Mirza Muhic
Age: 28
Height: 182 cm
City: Stockholm
Occupation: Merchandiser and salesman at Ralph Lauren in Stockholm.
Hobbies: working out, tennis, my friends, music, movies, books.
Zodiac: Leo

I’m a strong and proud gay guy that originally comes from a small country (Bosnia)where being gay is not so popular. I currently live in Sweden now, but for many foreign gays here, it’s still hard to come out and be themselves and have a normal life. I want to be an inspiration to them and perhaps in that way help them on their way of coming out!! I know how it is difficult, we’ve all been there!


Name: Ricco Müller
Age: 24
Height: 174 cm
City: Zürich
Occupation: Post production in the media FOCUSFIVE
Hobbies: Fitness, Photography, ART-exhibition, I like to read, snowboarding, meditation, and travel.
Zodiac: Taurus

I think Mr. Gay Europe is a great competition, and I would love to be there. I want to present my home resort and deaf community.


Name: Halil Adem Said
Age: 25
Height: 178 cm
City: Bursa
Occupation: Receptionist
Hobbies: Music and sport.
Zodiac: Leo

I want to represent Turkey because the country gets more liberal recently. I hope my participation will bring more rights for gay people in Turkey. I want to change the world. I want to protect the nature, animals and all good things in the world.

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