Mr Gay Europe is a well known contest that stands for an institution for all European LGBT’s. That goes hand in hand with my campaign “I am Niko” which reinforces children and adolescents to embrace their differences and be proud of them. I spread my campaign all over Europe because I´m traveling constantly through Europe for my job, my friends and my labor of love: my campaign. As an European ambassador and role model for all European countries I could increase the range of my message to reach all Europeans.

Because of that I would be a competent Mr Gay Europe that makes the brand proud and fills the title with dignity and zest.

Name: Niko Wirachman
Age: 27
Hair colour:  Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 178 cm

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It’s about being visible and making connections

I have been Mr Gay Europe for a month now and have enjoyed my time so far. Already I have done a couple of radio shows, magazine articles in Gaytime, Metro and Pink News as well as featuring in local newspapers - Argus and The Brighton Independent. I do miss my time...

A walk down the MGE memory lane

Just imagine; it all started with a saucy drag queen that was ready for retirement. Yes, Mr Gay Europe has come a long way since the firste idea saw the light of day back in 2004, we have had our ups and we have had a few downs. Our timeline pays tribute...

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