To me it is important to bring the voice, the ideas and the needs together from the people and the societies they can’t or they don’t have the tools for it. In Mr. Gay Finland competition, I had the vision and the mission to push through the rights and needs for the ”minorities of minorities”, which in this case I mean the sexual minority GLBT+ and inside that minority there are more minorities such as deaf GLTB+, refugee GLTB+, Religious GLBT+, who might have already hard time with their own sexuality, but there is also the pressure of their own society deaf, refugee etc. And for me it would be a great honor to work as a missionary for these people, and show example. To bring organizations and associations together and provide help and support for those in need.

Name: Rami Joel Kiiskinen
Age: 20
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Green
Height: 178 cm

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