What to Bring

What to bring


The following list has been prepared as a reminder of the articles you may need when you take part in the event:

Carry on luggage:
A. Travel documents; Passport, tickets, valid travel insurance and Covid-19 vaccine certification.
B. Money; to cover personal expenses.
C. Personal medication.
D. Travel adapter for the country you are visiting (if needed).
E. Charger for telephone/PC

Check in luggage:
A. Razor/Deodorant/Cologne/Aftershave/Edt
B. Soaps/Shampoo
C. Sun Lotion
D. Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Mouthwash
E. Safety pins/Sewing kit
F. Comb/Brush/Hair styling products
G. A small gift for your roommate
H. Evening/interview wear; shirt, nice pair of trousers, a jacket, dark pair of shoes and a tie
I. Sportswear; good athletic shoes, t-shirt and shorts/pants
J. Swimwear; suit or shorts
K. Club wear; for going out in the evening
L. A warm jacket; the evenings can be chilly
M. A black and a white top; t-shirt, pique polo shirt, etc.
N. Shoes; comfortable for walking
O. Jeans; plain and comfortable
P. Socks; keep it classy
Q. Underwear; keep it classy
R. Sweater; to keep you warm
S. Sleepwear; keep it classy
T. Something to wear if it rains
U. National flag; for various use
V. National costume

Please no large logos/sponsor logos on your clothing.

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