To become Mr Gay Europe, the delegates have to compete in different categories/challenges, where the delegates get their marks. At the end of the competition the marks are all added up and the delegate with the most points gets to name himself Mr Gay Europe. Here are some helpful tips for the delegates.

A. Personal interview (20% of total points)
A panel of judges will be interviewing the delegates for up to 15 minutes. Delegates with special needs (sign language, etc.) get more time. For more information about this challenge, please check specific info Handbook; interview.

B. Our Project (15%) NEW!
From 2023 each Mr Gay Europe competition will have a designated theme. The theme of 2023 is “Mental health” (Read more about the theme here).

Early in the week of the competition the delegates will participate in two seminars that focus on the chosen theme, and later they will take part in group work where the delegates through common effort will discuss, debate, and deliberate over what subject within this year’s theme that is going to be the Mr Gay Europe project for the year to come.

The titleholder will after his win be responsible for the project and the other delegates can – if they choose to – act as ambassadors for the project. During this process the delegates will be judge on how much they participate, work as a team, reason and take charge in the work.

C. Online Vote (15%)
Users on vote for who they believe should win the competition. The voting doesn’t require any apps or televoting; and is free of charge. In the past we have been asked by the public why they can’t have a say in who is going to win. Therefore we have designed an online voting competition so that the public can directly influence the final result. From 1 July until the date of the finale anyone can vote for their favourite delegate online; you can ask your mother, all your friends and fans to make that “click” once a day!

D. The written test (15%)
This test is conducted in English and the delegates have to answer up to 100 questions in 60 minutes on different topics such as LGBTIQ+ history, general knowledge, politics and current events. Delegates with special needs (dyslexia, etc.) get more time.

The delegates are encouraged to pay special attention during the MGE seminars.

E. SoMe Challenge (15%)
The delegates are given serveral social media challenges. The delegates are judged on their impact on social media.

The video: One of the challenges is that the delegates have to produce a short video presentation of themselves before their arrival in Newcastle. The video has to be filmed in landscape mode (wide), and must not be longer than 90 seconds. You don’t need special equipment, use your phone!

F. Photogenic Challenge (10%)
In this challenge the delegates will be judged based on photos taken and professional attitude during a photo session. A photographer will work with the delegates and they are to show off their best angle and confidence.

G. Sports Challenge (5%)
The sports challenge is different from year to year, depending on the local facilities. In this test the delegates are to compete on physical strength and stamina.

H. Mr Congeniality (5%)
Who do the other delegates think is the most likable, friendly and nicest guy among them? The delegates vote for the delegate, other than themselves, they think should win Mr Gay Europe.

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