Author: Tore Aasheim

Let’s talk about sex

Really? Mr Gay Europe and sex? Well sex and health, and yeah: let’s talk about sex. Many people think that sexual health is the bridge between mental and physical health, like a divine trinity if you like. Think about it; if you feel good about yourself you are more likely to have a good sex life, and vice versa, if you have a good sex life you will most likely also be more happy and feel totally good about you. Sexual health is much more than the actual action between the sheets – or wherever else you chose to...

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The importance of being gay – and why to fight for it

These days the issues I have to deal with as the owner of Mr Gay Europe has really set things into perspective for me. The horrible news coming to us from Chechnya, where the leaders now claim that no gays are hunted down and put into concentration camps because there are no gays in the country, shows us once again that the fight for our rights is far from at the end. I met the same type of argument when sitting across the table with the leading Imam of Norway. He was the leader of Islamsk Råd (Islamic Board)...

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Gay love; honest, real and beautiful

The most important reason why I took part in the founding of Mr Gay Europe 12 years ago was because I felt that the young gay kids around Europe did not have any role models to look up to, there was really not anyone out there who could give the boys and girls any hope that it was going to be better. Living in Norway I had it reasonably easy growing up as a gay kid. But I also experienced the darker side of things; I did meet “the exploiter”, you know, the grown-up man in the swimming hall...

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That extra something

“Excuse me, could you please help me with a laminate machine?” The woman at the service desk at the lobby of the hotel in Stockholm where we were staying during Mr Gay Europe 2016 did not even blink. “Just a second Sir, I think we have one at the back office.” “Yes, and by the way, I was also looking for a pair of scissors, an iron board and an iron of course. And some extra paper to write on and some sort of necklace for the ID cards; 20 of them? Please.” “So working with these Mr Gay...

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It’s all worth it

Every year it is the same. I mean, I ask myself the question and a few others do the same; Why on earth are you doing this; the Mr Gay Europe competition? God knows it is not a walk in the park. Not that I’m complaining. I mean, I meet a lot of fantastic people, both delegates and supporters, but this something I do besides my regular job and even if I have really good people working along with me, to plan and produce such an event really takes its toll on a guy. From day one it has...

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