Author: Stuart Hatton Jr

Some people are gay… so what?

In 2016, people are still abused; verbally, mentally or physically for being LGBTI. But it’s 2016 for goodness’ sake, your sexuality should matter as much as your eye colour. Some people have blue eyes, some people have green eyes, some people are straight, some people are gay, SO WHAT? When I won Mr Gay World back in 2014 I set out to give my anti bullying and homophobia awareness campaign a greater platform. When magazines were asking me what underwear I wore during the day or what my favourite sexual position was, I decided not to answer, I said...

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To Boldly Go Where No Gay Had Gone Before

As a big trekkie, it always baffled me why, in the 24th century, there were no gay characters in Star Trek! I mean it was perfectly acceptable for a Klingon to mate with a Romulan or a fluffy ball of fluff to mate with itself; but seriously, why was there was no alien species in the entire Galaxy that allowed same sex space inter relations? Thankfully though, LGBTI characters are now about to ‘beam down’ on our TV screens. Set phasers to stun! It’s only taken Star Trek 50 Years, but at least it got there and now ‘Trek’...

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Best Foot Forward For Same Sex Dancing

When you think of ballroom dancing, you think of glitter balls, sparkles and Blackpool, but ultimately you think of a man twirling his partner around on the dance floor; Fred and Ginger, Astaire and Judy, you don’t really think of Gerald and George doing the foxtrot do you? For me, growing up in a world where men and women always danced together, and also being a young gay man where heterosexual imagery is always always in place and dancing with girls myself from a young age, even thought of ever dancing openly with a man in ballroom dancing, wasn’t...

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Once A Mr Gay. Always A Mr Gay.

A month has flown by since the final of Mr Gay Europe 2016 and leaving Oppdal in Norway, and it has certainly been a life changing experience for our 2016 delegates. As my first year of Managing Director of MGE it has been my absolute pleasure continuing not only a working relationship with all the delegates but continuing a personal friendship with them all too. Since saying goodbye in Norway it has been very rewarding for me to keep in contact with all the Mr Gays of 2016 and see them flourish as they went home with a new...

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Mr Gay Europe… That’s a wrap!

As the dust settles, heart rates return to normal and the boys fly back to their own countries, it’s hard to take stock on what has actually happened over the past week. So this is my experience and how I have seen it. We have done so much with the delegates this past week from flying into Sweden and attending Stockholm Pride to traveling 12 hours on the coach to Norway; a sports challenge running up and down a Norwegian mountain four times; a team challenge which involved arranging a fashion show in Oppdal’s Auna Mall which meant sourcing...

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