Author: Joni Valadares

It’s our duty to let them know, it’s okay to be gay!

So, yet again. Here I am, returning to the issue of LBGT+ youth suicide. Now I know I’m representing the guys at Mr Gay Europe, and I’m usually to write about issues in Europe. However, suicide has no borders! And seeing daily reminders on social media of LGBT+ children all around the work taking their own lives. Now, it isn’t always mental health that leads to this. Their story for acting in the way they did, always tends to be due to other kids at school or family bullying. Every Friday here in the UK, I present the LGBT+...

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Rainbow Laces

So. This week I was Invited onto Pride Radio with Mr Hatton Jr. to present the LGBT News, and one story has been playing on my mind all week. So I would like to share it with y’all at Mr Gay Europe. Stonewall has teamed up with the Football Association’s Premier League to have their players wear “Rainbow Laces”. Now! I don’t know about you. But football was a big thing to me as a kid. I used to play Center Defense for a football team called “Wardley Legion F.C.”, until one horrendous experience which as a child scarred...

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Coenie Kukkuk, A Real Life Hero

Coenie & South Africa – 1 Steven Anderson & The Faithful Baptist Church – 0 So on my journey across Scandinavia, I had the amazing pleasure of meeting a lovely gentleman from South Africa. At first I was like ‘what is this guy saying’ as he was speaking so fast. I first met him outside the hotel in Sweden with that oh-so-very-famous white stick in between his fingers, puffing away and trying my hardest to hold on to the words that were coming out of his mouth. Now I speak fast I’m a true Geordie, not like these Sand-Dancers...

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