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11 Essential Things Gay Guys Love

It’s no secret that some things are near and dear to a gay man that would make absolutely no sense to a straight man. And those straight men who do one or more of the things on this list are living in denial. 1. Gym selfies We’re here, we’re queer, we work out! This is the most basic of selfies for a gym-bunny. 2. Neatly groomed eyebrows Give a gay tweezers and he’ll get carried away. Not everyone can pull off the Vulcan brows. 3. Every cute straight boy can be turned We know better, but we can’t help...

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6 things you have to be gay to understand

Some things are pretty obvious for the gay guy, but hopeless for straight people to understand. Here’s 6 things you have to be gay to get. 1. Endless, meaningless banter on Grindr. There is only one reason for Grindr’s existence; for guys to get laid. If you’re old skool and are only interested in chatting with people for hours and hours, go back to Facebook and bug your friends. 2. Go-go dancers who are straight. That’s just cruel. 3. Guys who don’t share face pics. It doesn’t matter how good your body looks, if you hide your face the...

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Several changes to the rules and challenges

The MGE team continues to adjust the course and develop Mr Gay Europe into a competition for the future. There are several changes and alternations to the rules and challenges for 2017. More power to the people! Previously the online votes did add points to the delegates’ final score, but it was still not one of the more important challenges. From counting only 5 percent of the final score, the online vote now weighs 20 percent of the total. “Mr Gay Europe has a lot of fans out there and we want them to be a part of the...

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Are you man enough to become the next Mr Gay Europe?

Mr Gay Europe, the original international Mr Gay competition, is looking for new delegates across Europe. This year, the 11th Mr Gay Europe finale, takes place in Sweden during Stockholm Pride, 1 – 6. August 2017. Right now 19 countries have signed up for the competition, but we are still looking for delegates from Finland, France, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Austria and Switzerland and other countries without a national producer. If you come from any of these countries we would like to invite you to apply to represent your country in Mr Gay Europe 2017. Register here! There are no...

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A warm welcome from Stockholm Pride

This summer Mr Gay Europe goes back to Stockholm Pride in Sweden. Last year we kicked off the Mr Gay Europe 2016 finale in Stockholm, Sweden because we wanted to show our delegates the city’s amazing celebration of pride and equality. The whole experience was so nice and positive, making planning for this year a walk in the park. We decided we wanted to go back. This year we work closer with the Stockholm Pride organization and this means we will be spending even more time in Pride Park and around the city. For those of you who never...

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