Tim holds the title another year!

15 January, 2024 | News

It is with great pleasure that we share the news with the rest of the Mr Gay Europe universe, fans, and allies.

Tim Küsters from the Netherlands will continue as title holder for another year, and that is due to several things.

Firstly, Tim is well underway with realizing his campaign that was voted for by all the finalists in 2023. The MGE team believes it would be a great shame not to carry out this important campaign, and to make use of its full potential, it is necessary to use more than the three or four months that are left of Tim’s year as title holder.

Secondly, the period is extended for strategic reasons. The final hosted in England in 2023 was the 15th final since 2005. Although it was a great final with worthy finalists, it is time to further develop the concept. Copying what has been done the year before is no longer sustainable for an event that wants to keep pace with the times.

Focus on campaign

This applies not least to the fact that we want to give something back to the winner, while at the same time we want the winner to be able to make something out of the title. We want the winner to get more out of winning than getting a nice sash and being at the front of Pride parades around Europe.

We are therefore very happy that it was Tim Küsters who won in 2023, he has shown a unique and professional commitment to the campaign which puts the spotlight on mental health – a winner who can really stand out as a role model for his peers.

Tim’s Mr Gay Europe campaign focuses on mental health in the LGBTQ community, on loneliness and how little it often takes to be there for others. This means to raise awareness, reduce stigma, foster empathy, and promote resources. Tim is going to have a busy time in the months and year ahead.

You will find more information on the campaign “Be Proud Be Strong Be Mentally Healthy” at mrgayeurope.com and timkusters.com once it has been launched. It is perhaps unnecessary to mention for our SoMe-accustomed readers out there, but it is also a good idea to follow us on our social media – on Facebook, Instagram, and X.

Mr Gay Europe Allstar

Thirdly, developing a new concept is not done overnight, and together with our new partners, the new concept will be presented in 2026. The attentive reader will have noticed that before that time comes 2025, what should be done then?

2025 will be a very special year. Then Mr Gay Europe invites for the first time to a Mr Gay Europe Allstar event where all former finalists are welcome to participate. What is special about this competition is that the winner will have an important role when the new concept is launched in 2026. We are very happy that we have found partners who believe in the concept and who will actively contribute with creativity and new content.

Are you afraid of losing your annual dose of Mr Gay? Don’t worry, anyone wishing to attend a Mr Gay event in Europe this year can be delighted that Mr Gay World will be held at the same venue where Mr Gay Europe has been held twice before, in the stunning Alnwick Gardens in the North of England and it has even been added the same week that Mr Gay Europe used to take place.

And if you really are a Mr Gay Europe friend and ally, all you must do is follow mrgayeurope.com where Tim’s new campaign and our new partners will be presented during the spring. There is a lot to look forward to!

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