Mr Gay Europe in the media

8 October, 2023 | News

What is Mr Gay Europe up to? Here is an overview of media coverage and public appearances.

 Do you want an interview with Mr Gay Europe or you want Tim to show up at your local pride? Use the contact form at the front page, send us an email at or call us at (+47) 97 08 04 (–) 00. 

Date Country Media coverage and public appearances
20.09.2023 Netherlands Maak kennis met Tim Küsters, de nieuw Mr Gay Europe –
20.09.2023 Netherlands Gaykrant: Maak kennis met Tim Küsters, Mr Gay Europe 2023 – gaykrant
18.09.2023 Great Britain Gscene:
08.09.2023 Netherlands Podcast:
Week 35 Netherlands Stage: Interview On Stage with Megan Schoonbrood about winning Mr. Gay Europe + leading the Pride Walk
01.09.2023 Netherlands DTV nieuws:
29.08.2023 Netherlands Gaykrant:
28.08.2023 Netherlands Prime Nieuws:
28.08.2023 Belgium Zuidrand Aansteker:
28.08.2023 Italy Gayburg:
28.08.2023 Netherlands Winq:
28.09.2023 Netherlands Omroeb Brabant:
28.08.2023 Netherlands
27.08.2023 Hungary Humenonline:
27.08.2023 Belgium Sterren Nieuws:
27.08.2023 Belgium GVA:
27.08.2023 Belgium Head Topics:
27.08.2023 Belgium Nieuwe Blad:
27.08.2023 Belgium Radio:
26.08.2023 Great Britain Pride Radio:
26.08.2023 Great Britain Gscene:
26.08.2023 Belgium Gaylive:
26.08.2023 Belgium Chez Bartizze:
26.08.2023 Belgium HLN: (Subscription only)
26.08.2023 Great Britain Pride Radio:


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