The Arnwick Garden is really an enchanting place, and will host the Mr Gay Europe 2022 Grand Finale this summer.

A magnificent and magical stage for MGE 2022 Grand Finale

by | 10 February, 2022 | MGE Updates

The Mr Gay Europe 2022 Grand Finale will take place in fantastic surroundings at The Alnwick Garden, a modern garden combining sculpture, water features, and beautiful plants to create a wonderful and magic family attraction in Northern England, not too far from Newcastle.

The garden was created by the Duchess of Northumberland, and apart from being a spectacle of flowers and plants, the garden features the largest collection of European plants in the UK and the largest Japanese Cherry Orchard in the world.

Inside The Alnwick Garden you will find places like the rose garden and even the poison garden, but in addition to biological diversity, this summer you will also find diversity through unity when Mr Gay Europe delegates meet for the 14th Grand Finale of Mr Gay Europe.

This magnificent piece of land in Northern England has become a welcoming and hospitable haven, peaceful but spectacular. The diversity among the many guests that find their way here is only surpassed by the garden itself.

The garden can be an adventures place, it has a very romantic feel to it and maybe our guest from all over Europe will experience some magic?

The Alnwick Garden will be the stage for the Grand Finale, but the delegates will also find themselves in the garden for several of the challenges.

The garden is really an enchanted place, and you may even pretend to be either a prince or a princess, just beware, The Alnwick Garden was created and is reigned over by the Duchess of Northumberland, so you better look after your manners.

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