As Mr Gay Europe wants to show the diversity of gay Europe we invite previous and present titleholders, delegates, team members, judges and producers to join in on our Mr Gay Europe Life project at our Instagram account mrgayeurope.

We want to use this platform to give the rest of Europe – and the world for that matter – the chance to get to know the MGE family.

It’s really simple. Those who wants to take part post their photos and texts whenever they feel for it, happy times, sad times, exciting times, “we are in love”-times and “I am single again” …

Work, party, love, hobbies, family, interests, causes, business, leisure, creativity, passions, thoughts and ideas. You get the picture.

In addition, the MGE team will continue to post information on MGE2021 and what is going on with the competition.

As the contributors post on mrgayeurope they also tag their own profiles, so if you see something you like or find interesting, you know where to find more.

If you are a present or a previous delegate, titleholder, judge, producer or team member and want to take part in this venture you can go to this page.

The first contributors have already been invited and have agreed to start posting, so support Mr Gay Europe and follow us on Instagram for a peek into the European gay life.