It is Throwback Thursday here at and we wanted to focus on the fact that Mr Gay Europe of course welcomes transsexual WTM into the competition.

The guy in the middle of the photo is no other than Niels Jansen, representing Denmark in Mr Gay Europe 2018.

In the photo he is talking to fellow MGE delegates and Polish activists during the stay in Poznan where the finale took place. At the far right in the picture you also see the Mr Gay Europe 2018 to be, Enrique Doleschy – we guess times do flies after all.

Niels Jansen was the first transsexual WTM to take part in a Mr Gay Europe final.

He took part in the competition in 2018 when the finale was held in Poland. And he also made it to second place, so for a whole year he was in fact the first runner up of Mr Gay Europe.

Trans men has been taking part in Mr Gay Europe several times, in national finals for example in Ireland and Norway.

Mr Gay Europe wants to a be an inclusive organization and competition, not by nice or pompous words, but by action.

Not only do these delegates have a real passion and vision to be role models, the knowledge and experiences they bring to the competition and their fellow delegates are valuable and enlightening.

We welcome our trans WTM to Mr Gay Europe as important and cherished members of our MGE family.