If you already know you are taking part or just planning to take part in Mr Gay Europe 2020, it’s time to think about your national costume.

This year’s Mr Gay Europe finale takes place in Newcastle, England, and there have been made some changes in the program for this week-long event.

The winner of Mr Gay Europe 2020 will be announced from the stage at Northern Pride in Newcastle on Saturday 18 July.

Mr Gay Europe will have its own segment in the Pride Show, and there you will be able to see the delegates perform and make their last efforts to win the title.

After months of preparation and a whole week of challenges, the delegates will shine one last time on stage before one of them will take home the title of Mr Gay Europe 2020.

And since the show part is back in the program, we have also found room for a national costume segment.

All our delegates represent their own countries and areas, and we would like to let them exhibit themselves and their country and cultural heritage.

In this challenge the delegates are invited to use their imagination and innovative skills to make a colourful and fun presentation.

The big question is: How would you present your country to others? What is typical for your country and culture and can you show us your vision in an imaginative way?

The costume does not necessary need to be a huge carnival outfit or very costly, we are looking for a glimpse of national pride, joy and festivities.

It sounds fun, doesn’t it?

If you haven’t already registered for the competition, you can do so here, and you find more information on this year’s host city in this article.