The Mr Gay Europe organization is restructuring its management team and is happy to announce that Enrique Doleschy, the previous Mr Gay Europe, will be joining the team as Delegate Executive.

Enrique Doleschy, Mr Gay Europe 2018, stepped down and handed over the title to Alexander Petrov in Cologne, Germany, this summer.

Enrique has accepted an invitation from the MGE Team to come on board as Delegate Executive. This means he will oversee the new delegates and stay in contact with National Producers from countries that have this.

– It is always a big compliment for the Mr Gay Europe Team and family to have previous delegates and titleholders to stay with us after the competition or their year of reign. This means we are doing something right and that the people that chose to join as volunteers share our vision, MGE President Tore Aasheim comments.

– Why do you choose to keep on working with the MGE organization after your year of reign?

– I have always tried to do something for the people around me, so even if my life is busy there is time to help someone else to have the experience that was given to me. I’m excited to be able to help my successor, Alexander Petrov, in his year as Mr Gay Europe, and also start gather up a new group of delegates for next year’s competition.

– You are responsible for the new delegates and their producers, what will be the most important thing in your job?

We need to have a good representation of delegates in the competition. So I will work every connection I have to find a delegate and a producer in ever country in and around Europe to participate. If Eurovision can have Australia represented…

– The number of delegates varies a lot from year to year, why is it so – and what will you do to maintain a high number of finalists?

Eastern Europe is behind when it comes to gay rights and LGTBIQ+ representatives that display good values. So it’s even harder to have these countries encourage to have a gay pride or even a mister competition, security is an issue here.

In addition most Mr Gay-competitions around Europe are run  by volunteers, sometimes they are able to send a delegate, sometimes not. We are also working on a fixed week for the competition so the producers and delegates know that that is the “MGE-week and are able to plan better from year to year”.

– What experiences from your year as Mr Gay Europe will be useful in your new role for the organization?

– I now have accumulated quite a bit of knowledge about the organization and I know how it is to be both a delegate and a titleholder, so I guess I am ready for the job. I have met a lot of people that I would love to work with and I already have a working relationship with the rest of the team so I am looking forward to do my part.

I may add some German punctuality and consistency, perseverance and a little attitude as I’ve learned from watching Chancelor Angela Merkel”, Enrique adds with a smile.

– What’s your dream for MGE?

MGE and Eurovision need to work together, Enrique states with no hesitation.

We are both pan-European, entertaining and great fun. It should be easy to get people interested in what’s going on. And both  contests are made fun of for all the wrong reasons. Conchita, Netta… Call me up babes!

MGE President Tore Aasheim proudly prestented Enrique Dolechy as the MGE Team’s new Delegate Executive during Cologne Pride this summer.