It was Alexander Petrov (31) from Bulgaria who took home the 2019 title in the annual Mr Gay Europe competition. Alexander was the first amongst equals in this year’s finale that took place during Cologne Pride. The delegates have endured eight different challenges, in addition to having been evaluated by their interaction with their fellow finalists.

Alexander holds a degree in Economics and has interests in philosophy, psychology, medicine, international politics and early modern art . He is currently working in game developement back home in Bulgaria.

“This year’s group of finalists has been extraordinary”, says Tore Aasheim, Mr Gay Europe President. “They have all been very dedicated and focused this week. The delegates who come from all over Europe, have communicated well with the MGE team and the judges. They have been networking, exchanging knowledge and experience, and they grasped the philosophy of Mr Gay Europe”.

Alexander won four of eigth challenges in the competition namely the preliminary interview, the written test, my project and the photogenic challenge. His total score was 211 points of 240 possible to obtain.

Matthias de Roover (26) from Belgium came in second with 198 points. Marcel Danner (30) from Germany came in third with 174 points. The Belgian delegate won the social media challenge, while the German delegate won the sports challenge and the online vote.

The delegate from Portugal, Mauro Melim (32), was elected Mr Gay Congeniality by his fellow finalists.

Each of the challenges is vectored differently according to importance. All the delegates collect points based on their results in each challenge.

The Mr Gay Europe team strives for transparency and openness, and the details of the judging will be made public in a few days. The accumulation of points has been comptrolled by Attorney Coenie Kukkuk.

Photos: Timo Schrock