On Saturday 3 August, Mr. Gay Europe 2019 will be a special guest in the Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade aboard the official boat of hannah / Miss Nederland!

The theme of Pride Amsterdam 2019 is ‘Remember the past, create the future’, as this year “we are commemorating the Stonewall riots, which broke out in New York 50 years ago and form a decisive moment in the history of the LGBT movement”. A committee has examined all applications and selected the 80 most beautiful, best and most appealing concepts for participation in the Canal Parade and hannah / Miss Nederland was chosen because of her story to incorporate this year’s theme.

Miss Nederland applied for a spot in the Parade in collaboration with hannah as this gender-neutral skincare brand and official sponsor of Miss Netherlands and Miss Universe representatives find it in their mission to transform this traditional industry.

As an organization, commercial business, and platform with incredible reach – they find it important to support and create visibility to the LGBTQI-community. “We care about diversity and want to show that role models come in all forms; age, gender, sexual preference, or sexual identity do not make any difference. We’re off to a good start as we’ve already accomplished an all-female jury and last year, we witnessed an incredible development with the participation of Ms. Angela Ponce as the first transgender to be admitted for the Miss Universe competition”, Philippine Wouters from Miss Netherland organization states.

“Mr Gay Europe has welcomed transgender delegates for several years, and last year Denmark’s Niels Jansen not only made it to the final, he became second and has been our 1st runner up this year. We are happy to support this initiative by Miss Netherlands,” MGE President Tore Aasheim comments, “in our fight for human rights we need all the allies we can get.”

The organization ‘Remember the Past’ by honouring Miss Netherlands winners and finalists who have contributed tremendously to impact and inspire the world in a positive way. These beautiful women in all forms will perform on a specially designed runway during the Parade. The design of the boat will be a replica of the actual Miss Nederland crown and we put members of the community and our Misses on a pedestal to highlight these role models to the audience.

The new Miss Nederland will make her official appearance in this Canal Parade to represent ‘Create the Future’ and we’re ecstatic that Mr. Gay Europe 2019 will be one of our special guests!

We’ve invited ‘Misses’ and ‘Misters’ from within the LGBTQI-community for our Canal Parade boat who also impact and inspire the world in a positive way.

Next to Mr Gay Europe, Miss Gay Holland 2019 (the first transgender to hold this title in our country) and Miss Drag Holland are our special guests aboard. We’ve also invited Ms. Angela Ponce to join!

And let’s not forget, besides the weight of carrying an important message and involve the audience to contribute to the cause, The Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade is also a day of festivities and having a hell-of-good time! So we’ll make sure to cheers to all of you! the Miss Netherland organization ensures us.

The MGE team is delighted by the invitation from Miss Netherland and this will be the first official duty for the new Mr Gay Europe!