Her makeup is terrible… well actually it isn’t. Two weeks ago, I met the women of my dreams and it totally changed me. Just kidding.

So, what happened? It was Wednesday night and I was at a night club in Cologne, Germany. Backstage you could hear her unique scream: “Hiieeeeeeeeeee!” Ladies and gentlemen, people in between and everyone not on the scale: Her name is Alaska Thunderfuck and she is from planet Glamtron.

If you don’t know who I am talking about you are missing the hippest, coolest and most forward gay show on modern television. RuPaul’s Drag Race annually crowns Americas next Drag Superstar and even has spinoffs to Thailand and the UK.

Drag queens battle it out to win 100,000 dollars and lots of international attention. Alaska was on Season 5 in 2014, didn’t win but made a second appearance in “All Stars”, a battle of former contestants from Drag Race and won season 2 of All Stars.

So why am I into drag queens? These girls combine the best of both worlds: playing with gender roles and desensitizing our views on what is male and female.

We need to get rid of expectations what a person must be like according by their looks. Just like an overweight person isn’t necessarily over-eating but might have a disorder or even a mental issue compensating by eating. Just like that a muscular man doesn’t have to be butch and a soft looking person can be as macho and fierce as they want to be. It’s so easy to put people into boxes. But the only boxes in life that count are based on what a person does to makes their surrounding world a more peaceful place or if they don’t.

With my 30 years it has been a long time since I felt like a little fan kid, but I did with Alaska. My voice cracked, I was sweating and almost fainted. But when she finally said “hello” I was overwhelmed. Super nice, very quiet and almost angelic, she talked to me backstage, took pictures and even signed a picture of her for me. Can you believe it?

These simple attendances are the more fun part of being the title holder for Mr Gay Europe. It’s so good that entertainment brings together people of all shapes, sizes, sexuality and beliefs.

In the events of Christchurch and everything bad that is going on, I want to remind you: No matter what your beliefs are, my personal opinion is: By the end of our lives we are measured by what we actively did to make our surrounding a better place. Don’t try to change the world, start in your own home, your community, with your friends and the people you meet on the street.

Stay positive, recycle your trash, don’t use plastic and don’t give your money to companies who exploit others. Even if it’s cheaper. You don’t need that new shirt, these shoes or jewelry. We need a clean planet!