So, why do I care about the demographic change of our society? Well… maybe I am changing aswell. For a long time, I thought, probably like everyone else has before me, that I’d be young forever. Actually, I didn’t really consciously believe it but the underlying fact of your actions in your 20’s are based on the fact that you will live forever. In the prime of my youth, a future in any other state than the current one, seemed so distant.

Now I am an expert on aging. My job as a financial adviser consists of nothing other than consulting with people and discussing their plans for a near future and one a bit farther away. Where will I live? Who do I spend my time with? What will I do until then?

Traveling is often a part of the equation. We all love to explore our planet. So, I packed my bag and off I went. This past week I have been judging the first part of this year’s Mr Gay Germany competition at the Open Sea Cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. Can you believe it? Enrique on an all gay cruise!

This event showed me exactly what it is my work is doing: Connecting people of different ages and backgrounds with each other. 1200 people from many different age groups locked on a small floating island, with the occasional visit of a celebrity – like me. Just kidding!

Amazing conversations develop over the simplest things like a spilled drink, a loose panel in the ceiling or getting lost in a foreign city. The best thing one of my super experienced colleagues in the financial world has told me, is this: “Strangers are friends you just haven’t met yet”. And it is so true.

It is so easy to talk to people and get them involved in what we are doing, and how they can positively affect our lives. Don’t get me wrong I am not the one to give motivational speeches and talk all cutesy about the world being all rainbows and unicorns.

I am someone who goes out and takes charge. Too often I hear the words: “I wanted to…; I had these plans…; I have dreamed of…” And then life moves on and things happen differently, and people give up.

Not me! I am someone who gets what I want, and I take every good-hearted person along with me for the ride. And since age-bashing, fat shaming and racial preferences seem to become more and more common – even worse: socially acceptable – there must be people to fight this. Be the change you want to see in people.

Okay… I might have gotten a little distracted from the original topic I wanted to talk about. But what the heck. The point I am trying to get across is; do things not for you but for the people you care about. I chose the older community because sooner or later I will be part of it.

Till then I will be actively working towards making them happy, and with the goal to achieve a greater good for others and for myself. See, there is room to be a little selfish even if you are helping others. Get out and #CareForYourElders

Start by calling your grandparents. If you want to do more: Stop using plastic and be kind to strangers. Right now!


MGE Enrique