What is The Silver Rainbow?

To become Mr Gay Europe one of the things you have to do is to present “My Project” in front of a jury; an assignment that you want to work with if you win title.

I chose “Silver is also a part of the rainbow” or as it later has become “The Silver Rainbow”.

With this campaign, developed for Mr. Gay Germany and Mr. Gay Europe, I want to target the adults and seniors in our community rather than focusing on the young folks.

My job as financial adviser makes me wonder about people’s futures. Where will they live? What will they need? Who will take care of them? What level of attention will they get? Which hobbies will they be pursuing? And will they be able to stay out of the closet as they have to move to an old people’s home for the last part of their lives?

So what do I want to do with the Silver Rainbow project, is to focus on a changing demographic in our community?

Step 1: Assisting with the coming out process

One would think it is easy these days to come out as yourself in a progressed country such as Germany, the UK or even Sweden.

In Germany, up until 1994, homosexuality was punishable by law §175 and §175a. Yes, the law has been lifted but what about the consequences for people who were persecuted by it before?

What I mean to say is; there is a generation out there that has been implemented with the thought of “acting wrongly” and “living sinfully”. Silver Rainbow wants to change this attitude within their heads.

Just last week, I spoke with someone here in Germany who has been in prison and had to pay fines for a consented sexual act with another person.

It took them several decades to get over the fear of social damage, the guilt of a wrong doing, and most recently, even to be reimbursed monetarily for what had happened to them.

We need to bring attention to these members of our LGBT community and facilitate activities where they feel safe and supported, help them in the coming out process and so on.

We need to integrate them in a functioning “silver” community of the age 50+, and connect them with the young community so that young people can learn from their experience to prevent history repeating itself; no matter age and history – we don’t want to be forced back into the closet.

Right now, I have a website (in German) where seniors in the LGBT community can get in touch with someone who can assist them if they have questions or just want someone to talk to. The URL to the website is silversideoftherainbow.com and the email address is contact@silversideoftherainbow.com

We have put a series of short videos and info on the project’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/silverrainbow2017

What are your thoughts? Any questions? Hope to hear from you!