Did you not get the invitation to take part in Mr Gay Europe this year? Maybe you should try once more, or as Polish artist Madox sings; “Give me on more shot”.

The single, “One More Shot”, from queer Polish recording artist Madox, was picked to be the official song of Mr Gay Europe 2018. This is the third time Mr Gay Europe has had an official song connected to the finale; the other songs are “Good Evening Europe” and “Be Proud”.

The song, written and composed by Madox, Adam Joseph, Roberto Miliani and “Guadky”; and music video, directed by Piotr Smolenski, is inspired by retro sixties style with a twist of modern fashion, bright colours and summer vibes, our Polish friends tell us.

Madox appeared first on “Poland’s Got Talent”, and since then he’s been creating a buzz around Poland with his extravagant looks and personal approach to music and art.

The song is written and composed by Madox (photo), Adam Joseph, Roberto Miliani and “Guadky”. Photo: Piotr Kowalski
Madox did first appear on “Poland’s Got Talent”. Photo: Ania Szubert