The first Mr Gay Europe took place in Oslo in 2005 during EuroPride that year. It was meant to be a onetime happening, but as you all know things turned out differently.

Next year we will all meet again in Cologne, Germany for the 13th international finale of Mr Gay Europe.

Along the way of getting there, there has been made documentation and articles on the progress and development of the competition. At the same time our website has gone through numerous updates, and in this process sometimes text and photos have been lost, been left on old servers, and so on.

We are working on getting some of this material restored, and by looking around; you can read text and look at pictures and watch videos from previous competitions.

Mr Gay Europe strives to develop and adjust to today’s trends, life and reality, but we should also never lose touch with our past and our history.

The restored material can be recognized by the black and white photo of Mr Gay Europe 2012, Miguel Ortiz.