The Mr Gay Europe delegates of 2018 are making an already boiling warm Poznan a little bit “hotter”.

Challenging weather conditions have had a strain on the Mr gay Europe delegates in Poznan, Poland. Tuesday this week at some places in the city the temperature was measured to 47 degrees Celsius.

You can really say we got a “warm” welcome to Poznan, Tore Aasheim, MGE president comments.

However, it is not only the weather that is warm, the local producers and the local gay scene has been more than welcoming, and I am indeed impressed by their efforts to make this 12th edition of Mr Gay Europe a memorable experience, Mr Aasheim says.

Poland may not be the most gay friendly country in Europe at this point, but the backing of the authorities, e.g. by providing security through local police has been a nice gesture. Even though we wished measures like this were not needed, it is still comforting that the Polish authorities step up to the challenge and show responsibility. For that we are most grateful, Aasheim says.

Upon arrival in Poznan the delegates were welcomed in a typical Polish manner with flags, bread and salt.

In Poznan the delegates feel that the competition is on; they had to present their project for the next year should they win, and it was a very impressed jury that had to deliberate after the session where all the pros and cons for each and every project and presentations were carefully discussed.

Later that afternoon the delegates were faced with the written test; 50 questions on European and international politics and culture, including gay and human rights.

In the evening it was time for some time off including watching a gay feature film and letting it all out at a local karaoke bar.

Wednesday the delegates will learn more about local cuisine by taking part in a cocking class and a guided tour of the old town of Poznan. It is a day where the delegates are able to relax a little after a couple of hectic days in Warsaw and the first MGE challenges in Poznan, before the most important challenge Thurday, the personal interview. Thursday will also be the day for the sports challenge and a short photo session.

Due to the extreme heat the MGE president lifted the dress code for the personal interview; the delegates do not need to put a suit and tie for the “toughest job interview in Europe”.

This year the first part of the interview will be filmed and published straight after all the delegates have completed the challenge.