Mr Gay Europe 2018 Enrique Doleschy invites you to register for Mr Gay Europe 2019, 1 – 7 July in Cologne. The international finale of Mr Gay Europe 2019 takes place during the fantastic Cologne Pride in Germany next summer, 1 – 7 July.

No registration fee

As a delegate representing your country, all you need is to arrive at the official Mr Gay Europe hotel before the competition starts on 1 July. Neither a delegate nor producer has to pay any registration fee to take part, all we ask is that the delegate shows up on time, is prepared and represents his country in a positive and constructive way.

From the moment you are welcomed as your country’s official delegate, Mr Gay Europe takes care of room and board, transportation and various tickets for events during the week. You must be able and willing to be present and to compete in the different challenges until the winner is announced on stage after the big Pride Parade on Sunday 7 July.

“For me Cologne is a feeling, an attitude to life,” the MGE2019 producer Patrick Dähmlow says. “You can be who ever you want to be. No borders, no gender or sexual discrimination. Gay is so normal here, that you do not even mention it separately.”

“The gay capital of Germany”

Cologne, the city by the Rhine, is the gay and lesbian capital of Germany. It is home to 100,000 homosexual people – that’s 10 percent of the population, that is higher than in any other city in Europe. The gay scene is therefore huge and offers a variety of venues – from cozy corner bars to trendy bars to glamorous discos.

In no other city can gay men move so freely. Here LGBT+ people are not only accepted, but can actively participate in every event. Strangers flirting in the street? Not a problem in Cologne. Even if one of the flirts is straight, it will hardly be an embarrassing situation. The people of Cologne are used to it; moreover, they are real “Rheinish Frohnaturen“ (friendly people).

The nightlife is excellent. Especially in the old town and the south city of Cologne, there are many gay clubs and bars. But the rest of the city has a lot of same-sex localities to offer. Cologne creates the harmonious connection between a lively, diverse gay scene, and openly lived homosexuality; as it is in this frequency, that you can find in no other city.

Also Cologne has the biggest and longest pride parade in the world!

With more than 170 groups and trucks, a length of over 8 kilometers and a duration of 6 hours the Cologne Pride Parade is the most impressive demonstration for LGBT+ rights in the world.

For celebrating diversity and holding a gay competition there can´t be a better place than Cologne.

Let’s enjoy a glass of the one and only Koelsch Beer

“Let’s all meet in Cologne next summer,” Mr Gay Europe 2018 Enrique Doleschy invites, and adds, “Cologne is a gay city, you guys know that, but what about the rest?”

“From a cultural vantage point this city speaks through its historical marks. Medieval houses and gates, streets and bridges, new architecture and, of course, the Cathedral of Cologne, will take your through time in an unique experience.

Different epochs have left their marks on the city and will mirror the cultures and languages enriching the everyday life these days in Cologne, including their own regional dialect of German: Koelsch.

Big music venues bring stars from all over the globe, a musical dome features international smash hits live on stage, and to top it all off, the biggest gay pride parade in Germany is held here.

Summer is the best season to enjoy the one and only Koelsch Beer (Cologne Beer) from seven different breweries. If this light beer in a sleek skinny glas doesn’t make you wanna come here, I don’t know what will,” Enrique says and hopes as many delegates and countries take the trip to Cologne next summer.

Practical info:

If you want to represent Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland you need to sign up with the national producers of these countries. If you don’t know who the national producer of the countries above is, contact us at this form and we will guide you to the right person.

If you come from any other country in Europe, from Russia, Ukraine or Israel you can sign up directly here on our website. Please note that if any additional national producers are invited or sign on for the 2019 event your registration may be forwarded to the producers in question.

After the preliminary registration deadline 1 April, the MGE team will go through the registration forms and pick one person to represent each country that has applied.

If the MGE team feels that they cannot decide who to invite based on the information submitted the team may ask for additional information.

If the team feels that a registration does not meet the requested standards of Mr Gay Europe, the team has the right to reject the application completely.

You could be the next Mr Gay Europe. The 13th international Mr Gay Europe finale takes place in Cologne, Germany during the Cologne Pride 1 – 7 July 2019. Photo: Beate A. Tecza.