Mr Gay Europe 2018 have been named, so has the host city and country for the European finale for 2019!

Mr Gay Europe 2019 will take place in Cologne, Germany, 1 – 7 July next summer.

This means that the dates of the competition have been moved to coincide with the Cologne Pride.

This is the first time the competition will be held in Germany, previous it has been organized in countries like Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy, Romania and this year Poland.

“When we move the dates from August to July we also hope this will make life a bit easier for those of our producers who are busy with their own Prides and competitions in the late summer,” MGE President Tore Aasheim comments.

The producer of Mr Gay Europe 2019 is going to be the German national producer Patrick Dähmlow.

“We have been in dialog for some time, and we do have a common understanding of the visions and ambitions for the competition in the future. We are impressed with what Patrick has achieved with his own National competition, and we are looking forward to work with him.”

It is not only the dates and the producer that have been changes. Some of the challenges of the competition will be revised and at least one challenge will be added.

“This we do to update the concept of the competition and to make it even clearer that we are not a beauty pageant.”

Come back for more exciting news about next year’s Mr Gay Europe competition and the accomplishments of the new Mr Gay Europe titleholder.

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