Really? Mr Gay Europe and sex? Well sex and health, and yeah: let’s talk about sex.

Many people think that sexual health is the bridge between mental and physical health, like a divine trinity if you like. Think about it; if you feel good about yourself you are more likely to have a good sex life, and vice versa, if you have a good sex life you will most likely also be more happy and feel totally good about you.

Sexual health is much more than the actual action between the sheets – or wherever else you chose to take it – it is about how you feel mentally, how comfortable you are around your own body etc.

We are all talking about diversity, still a lot of the gay sexuality is portrayed in a rather prejudiced and cliche way; it is all about the top, bottom and versatile issue. Or is it?

Does our sexuality also reveal self-discrimination and prejudices? “I am not into Asians”, “I am not not into fats” or “I am not into older”. Do we put so high demands that we never find what we’re looking for?

Sex & Health is meant to be a feel-good service; a place to pick up some advise, ideas and inspiration; not focuse on centimeters or kilograms.

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