Being the original and most transparent Mr Gay “pageant”, Mr Gay Europe takes it one step further and opens up for the public to sit in at seminars, interviews and different challenges where the delegates are competing to become the next title-holder.

“Not that we expect the public to run down the doors, but just to give the public the possibility to check up on us if they want to is just to underline the kind of transparency we want for our competition,” MGE president Tore Aasheim says.

This year the popular vote via the internet also counts for 20 percent of the final score in the competition.

“This is due to feedback from fans and friends that want to be a bigger part of the competition. At the same time the public is also used to be able to take an active part in other competitions like “America got Talent” and “Idol”, and being a competition of 2017 we need to change with the times, Mr Aasheim comments.

This year the European final of Mr Gay Europe takes place in Stockholm Sweden during Stockholm Pride.

The delegates will visit the Pride Park and take part in the parade, but most of the challenges and seminar will take place at the Clarion Amaranten Hotel.

It is at this venue the public are invited to sit in during several workshops, tests and seminar. At some of the seminars the public might even be invited to take actively part if the time allows it.

This is the following events open to the public:

Wednesday 2 August

09:00-10:00 Workshop: Living with HIV/Aids in 2017. Keynote speaker: Robbie Lawlor, Ireland

10:15-11:15 Workshop: Meet The Press. Keynote speaker: Tore Aasheim, Norway

11:30-12:30 Workshop: Preventing suicide; It’s OK not to be OK. Keynote speaker: Joni Valadares.

Thursday 3 August

09:00-10:00 Workshop: Sports and diversity. Keynote speaker: Raf Van Puymbroeck, Belgium

10:15-11:15 Workshop: Who decides how gay you should be? Keynote speaker: Sushant Divgikar, India

11:30-12:30 Workshop: Two ears and one mouth. Keynote speaker: Shiona Law, Norway

Friday 4 August

10:00-11:00 60 Seconds of Fame (Challenge)

11:00-12:30 “The Journey Within”, the Mr Gay Europe documentary. Mini-series now available on Vimeo. Come see the video with the Mr Gay Europe delegates!

Please note that all activities (apart from the movie on Friday) are free of charge but you have to register for the event (by sending an email to office@mrgayeurope,com) or show up at least 30 minutes before the event starts. The doors close when the event starts on time.

Be there when this year’s winner is announced!

This year’s winner will be announced at the Pride Park after the parade at 18.00 during a special Mr Gay Europe mingle. Please come and say hello to the delegates and this year’s title-holder.