The day started with seminars for the delegates by key note speakers who were here to chat to the boys by enriching their cultural experiences in the hope that they would pass on this knowledge to their communities back in their native countries.

First to take to the stand was former Mr Gay Ireland delegate Robbie Lawlor who spoke about HIV, and the Aids and knowing the difference between the two while at the same understanding the stigma attached.

Next up was President of Mr Gay Europe, Tore Asahaeim, who outside of running the MGE company is an editor of a Norwegian Newspaper. His seminar helped to prepare the boys on what to expect in a ‘dance’ with the press and how to communicate with the media while also interacting with the delegates in a fun and engaging workshop.

Last speaker of the day was former Mr Gay England winner and 2016 Mr Gay Europe runner up, Joni Valadares who spoke openly about mental health and suicide in the gay community. The delegates and the team both opened up about situations which they had experienced in their own lives and this seminar came from the heart and soul.

The afternoon brought the dreaded interview. The job interview is the highest scored of all the challenges so the delegates all wanted to impress. Dressed in their finest clothing, one by one each delegate in alphabetical order had to sit in front of a panel of 6 well respected LGBTI figures and say why they should be the next Mr Gay Europe. The judges included Suhant Divgikr from India, Austin Armacast from USA, Stuart Hatton Jr from England, Tore Aasheim from Norway, Beate Adriana from Norway and Shiona from Scotland.

Following the job interview, the boys got to let their hairs down in the photogenic challenge and be who they wanted to be while shining in front of the camera.

So after a long day, it was time to celebrate with cocktails and then welcome in Day 3.

Watch this space….