It’s no secret that some things are near and dear to a gay man that would make absolutely no sense to a straight man. And those straight men who do one or more of the things on this list are living in denial.

1. Gym selfies
We’re here, we’re queer, we work out! This is the most basic of selfies for a gym-bunny.

2. Neatly groomed eyebrows
Give a gay tweezers and he’ll get carried away. Not everyone can pull off the Vulcan brows.

3. Every cute straight boy can be turned
We know better, but we can’t help crushing on the straight boys.

4. Yappy miniature dogs
Some gays love the big, manly dogs. But more likely than not you’ll find a tiny, miniature, aggressive creature on a gays’ arm, all decked out in bling.

5. The new guy
New guy on the scene? Everyone races to get first dips on the fresh meat.

6. Being too gay
Supporting LGBT culture, showing up for Pride and fighting for your rights is good, but making sure EVERY aspect of you life is as gay as gay can be is too much. Do you really need a gay dentist?

7. Top 40 music
Not every gay man listens to Celine Dion or Madonna, we love those radio lists!

8. Fancy designer underwear
Why should only women get to wear the sexy underwear? More likely than not it was designed by a gay man anyway. Besides, you want to look sexy for the lucky man who gets to rip it off your body and throw it down on the floor.

9. Any excuse to lose that top
Maybe not strictly gay, but a fine reason to show off that gym-bunny-body.

10. Weirdly spelled names
Meet Jeph, Tomi, Marq, Keven, Jashua, Timmi, Nic; gay bois like their oddly spelled names almost just as much as Hollywood parents who name their newborns North, South, East, West and Apple. One is by choice, the other will make the kids hate their parents.

11. Being into sports is a big deal
Jocks are hot! We like to prove that just because we’re gay doesn’t mean we can’t be masculine.