How did it all start? Who is the oldest delegate that has taken part in Mr Gay Europe? Who is the youngest?

This spring ‘Mr Gay Europe The Documentary’ will be released, but as a starter and some background information we are going to release a few “teasers”.

The first video that we release is an interview by Peter Darrant with the former Mr Gay Europe president Morten Ruda, who had the idea for an Mr Gay Europe competition late 2004 and together with Tore Aasheim, arranged the competition in 2005 during EuroPride that took place in Oslo that year.

Not many know that actor Morten Ruda wanted to “retire” his drag queen character ‘Tootsie Knutsen’ with one hell of a party; after this party, ‘she’ was off to a life in the sun, strawberry daiquiris and hot muscular pool boys in Miami.

In 2005 Oslo hosted EuroPride and Morten and his friend Tore believed that a decadent ‘Mr Gay Europe competition’ was a farewell party worthy of ‘Ms. Knutsen’. With Morten’s background from producing numerous shows all over the world, and his knowledge from working with Miss Universe, and Tore’s knowledge with press, marketing and web design – the two set off to produce the competition.

“We wanted to wrap an important message about gay pride, human rights and unity through diversity, into a package of fun, festival and a fabulous show,” Mr Gay Europe founder and former president Morten Ruda remembers.

“MGE is an open and inclusive rivalry amongst friends and fellow citizens of Europe. We are the original Mr Gay competition and we truly hope that we make a small contribution in the fight for gay rights in Europe, current Mr Gay Europe President Tore Aasheim says.

Take a look at the interview with Morten, the video also contains some extra fun facts for our friends and fans.