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Do you have something to say? Would you like to use your voice to reach a wider audience?

Well, is opening up its pages for you to write a guest blog. Use your voice. Get it out there…

The success and feedback from our guest Mr Gay bloggers so far has been extremely positive, so we thought that we would open up our Mr Gay platform to anyone who is a passionate blogger and who has something of great value to write about.

We’ve come to realise that everyone feels strongly about certain issues, but they do not always have a strong platform in which to express themselves. How many times can we post on our private Facebook pages and bug our friends with the issues that concern us before they tell us to tone it down or take it elsewhere?

If you live somewhere where you can’t express yourself freely, Mr Gay Europe gives you a safe platform to express yourself.

Well, Mr Gay Europe wants you! We want your rants. We want your opinions. We want your voice.

The Mr Gay Europe website and social media pages will give you a brand new set of readers with a brand new audience for your thoughts. So, come and join the Mr Gay Family. We want to work for you!

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