“Norwegians are girls that loves girls, and boys that loves boys, and boys and girls that love each other…”

The Norwegian king, Harald V, aged 79, gave a speech to his 1500 guests at his garden party Thursday 1st of September 2016 and King’s message was load and clear; we have to take more care of each other, no matter skin colour, cultural background or sexual orientation.

The speach got a lot of international attention and the British newspaper The Guardian wrote: King Harald shook up the royal garden party with a speech in support of refugees and gay rights which has since gone viral.

A 79-year-old monarch is perhaps not the most likely person to deliver a rousing speech in support of refugees, religious tolerance, diversity and LGBT rights, and a royal garden party may not be the most likely place to hear it.

But an impassioned five-minute address on the need for inclusiveness and acceptance by Norway’s King Harald last week to 1,500 slightly startled – but ultimately delighted – guests in the park of the Royal Palace in Oslo has gone viral.